Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Beautiful! The nipples, the abs and the treasure trail.  Also that tongue.  Imagine all of the joys that await down under!

To all the readers of Treasure Trail thank you for your support.  I think that I also speak for other blog administrators when I say that giving your rating or comment of a post at the bottom of each photo, makes my/our day.  The more the merrier!   


  1. Extremely sexy....

    You are so right about the comments. Those are what help me know if what I'm doing makes any difference at all. I've had people suggest the reaction buttons...but always thought it might have a negative affect on the comments left. I wonder if I should go ahead and do it.

  2. Very sexy! Would love to see all of him!

  3. Like it soapy!
    Great blog!
    You're welcome to visit mine.

  4. whkattk. I appreciated your comments especially the negative aspects. When I set up this blog it was in response to the trend of men shaving their body hair which was so common. It was a given, that I was swimming upstream and my perspective was contrary to the popular. Tis been my entire life.

    I decided to not include any negative reactions to chose from. If you don't like this site because you don't like natural men then you shouldn't visit here. I think you should add reactions. I think you receive more comments than I do. But the reactions are a helpful indicator of what people like. Somewhat.

    Your site is much more advanced than mine. You have an editorial narrative with a theme. I don't. Add the reactions and see what happens. Just don't give a negative alternative for users to select!