Saturday, May 20, 2017

WORSHIPPING the Treasure Trail

Thank you Kevin!  I'd pay homage to as well.  The dude with the blue jock strap who the has most exposure, is utterly mouthwatering.  What a fantastic trail.  His nipples and hairy chest really are hot.  But both their arm veins make this a great study.  I wonder what treasures the dude in the back would reveal.  Are they wearing jock straps?


  1. Absolutely stunning, both of them and on the verge of sharing something sexual that will undoubtedly be quite perfect....Robby x

  2. The hand straying to the normal, such a natural thing.

  3. It's hard to imagine a more perfect torso. It's not defaced by any ink, and there's nothing wrong with either face in this photo.