Friday, June 26, 2020

MANSPREADing: A Treasure Trail Perspective

I love this new word.  It defines an aspect of masculinity that I have always silently appreciated.  And indulged in.   When I was a lad, when other dudes would touch my knee I always thought it a thrill.  Straight men, I think, were heretofore unaware of this sexy insouciance.  It would drive me crazy.

This is a small photo.  But I love every thing that this specimen depicts.

Thank you Kevin.

Cheers!  To all things masculine like Manspreading.   This beauty shows us what beckons.  One can only imagine what treasures this dude is beckoning us to find.


  1. I cross my legs. Just do. I have to conciously uncross them at times... because the boys do like a breather... and my thighs apply a lot of pressure. Very sexy.

  2. Gorgeous...guys who do pose like this, set me off on to immediate arousal, reminds me when I was 17 used to sit next to a chum, who was blessed with such wonderful chest hair, a treasure trail of pubic hair which used to bulge through his white, tightly buttoned shirt, his nipples also perfectly pressing through too and around his trouser belt, patches of black hair would protrude, to this day I picture him in my mind.

  3. As I said, when I was a lad, in love with the hot straight boys around me, I would lust for my fellow tenor who sat next to me. They were exquisite. Everything about them was intoxicating. In my fey delusion, I remember that they would occasionally tap my knee with theirs. I always thought that they were flirting. Silly me. They weren't. They were just being straight males. They all sensed my infatuation.

    But "manspreading" remained a secret obsession all my life. There wasn't a word for it. And someone finally defined it and brought it out for us all to celebrate.

  4. Love the very hairy thighs

    1. Agreed those thighs are so alluring, one wonders what treasure lies within those shorts!