Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Hunting! (for Easter eggs, etc)

Have you been hunting the treasure trail today?  Hope you found "Easter eggs" or an assortment of other treasures at the end of men's treasure trail. 

Everything in this photo, including the "eggs", are perfect?    

Happy hunting today and everyday (love the oily, hairy inner thigh, nuts, great bush, beautiful cock, etc.  Not to mention the trail!)

BTW….this posting today is shameless self promotion for for my new blogMale bits 'n pieces  (if you haven't noticed it yet, you can find it anytime by scrolling down right hand column to "My Other Blogs").  I've found that focusing just on treasure trails limits the content.  I have other fetishes that some of you may share.  The new blog, Male bits 'n pieces, will extend my focus on other amazing specimens of male beauty, outside of the treasure trail.  

Hope you will check out the new website (when you next visit here, just scroll down to the "My Other Blog Sites" section).

I encourage you all to make contributions.   The great thing about my blogsites, the treasure trail and Male Bits 'n Pieces, is that the objects of our obsession allow one to share your male beauty while reserving your anonymity!


PS:   I don't do much editorial here.  But, I myself prefer websites that have a voice/commentary/diary, in addition to great photos.   Here's some of my thoughts about my new blog, Male Bits 'n Pieces.  Please indulge me by reading….or let me hear from you.

I've been hankering to broaden my horizon a bit on the internet, blog-wise.  It is a lost cause since blogging, I think, is sort of a passé (or even barbaric) form of social media.  Do young hipsters with low cut jeans showing their knickers even read blogs?  

I have tried for several years to jump into Facebook and twitter (which are now outmoded--that's how passé I am).  I mean no disrespect to anyone but I detest the former and I can tolerate the latter.  But I am still clueless what purpose either of these forums  serve.  For me, it is like religion……..I just can't figured out what it's about.   After so many years.

So I've decided to waste more of my time with another new blog.  Please occasionally visit!  

I started the Treasure Trail blog a few years ago for a couple of reasons:

1.  Treasure Trails are a major fetish for me although I realized this was a fetish that wasn't focused on much. 

But I have many other male physical fetishes:   hairy toes, hairy ass, hairy chest, hairy balls, low-hanging balls, cocks with curious curves, hairy legs (thighs--back and forward, hairy calves), hairy arms.   The outside edge of a man's upper hands drives me completely wild.  Hair on the fingers!  Ah.  How about a man's neck?   That stubble always promises something erotic.   Nipples:  small, pert or large, medium, and/or en pointe (are they born this way or are they groomed).    I loved and thin limbs, especially legs, arms, fingers, toes.  Well I could go on.

I also love a man who comes to this world without a whole lot of hair.  When it's natural it can be hotter than all the above.  But these days, I find it hard to find a specimens, au natural without grooming (shaving, waxing).

2.   I don't want to compete against all of my fellow comrades who publish better more interesting blogsite.  They show a range of male beauty that aren't reflected here.  I would like to create a few "fetish" blog sites.  That's it.

I will post intermittently on the new site when I find images that warrant.

Please contribute or comment!  And thank you to Kevin, Indian Guy, Glen_Mc, Utonking, Terry, Steve and all of the other Anons and everyone else that participates!

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  1. i'd be all over that boy for a service job to that body! i'd start on eating his dump from that beautiful hole for him than what ever else he demands from me