Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Looking Down a VERY WIDE treasure trail

This is furry heaven (If you're as old as me it evokes Chad Douglas!).  Woooooooofffffffff!!   Wouldn't change a thing…..and dude…..please don't trim or shave.  What a glorious, god given asset your abdomen and chest is.  Oh to be able to run fingers or tongue through that wonderful natural thatch.


  1. Glen_mc. This posting was for you. I figured you’d appreciate the Chad reference. Chad Douglass probly provided me with more sexual pleasure than any other man……..of course, only in film or print. Who’d have thought that such hirsute male beauty would go out of style (of course his remarkable member did not). Hope they don’t just breed the male hirsuiteness out of us in the future. Or even make it unfashionable to have a beautiful cock, such as Mr. Douglass.