Saturday, April 5, 2014

LOOKING down the REAR treasure TRAIL

Bon appetit   The tan line is so fucking hot, in addition to the masculine hair that this mate sports.  Love his rear treasure trail at the bottom of his back running down to his crack.

The lobes of this perfect ass look like pillows. I think this is a fantastic photographer!   A beautiful composition with quite the perfect muse, no?

Photo source:  Tyrell Corporation (


  1. could and would eat that fine hairy ass out all day and night yummy

  2. The tan line is sexy, always like to see hot men out in the sun with no shirt.

  3. wow! never seen a rear treasure trail! or thought of it! this is way hot!!! i'd love to lick all the way down to his (hope)dirty hole and taste him before i suck out his cock cum ;0