Sunday, March 19, 2017

NEW type of trail: HEART shaped Treasure Trail

Here's a new type of TT:  it's heart-shaped.   This specimen's face looks familiar.  I'm wondering if there has been a bit of sculpting?   If so, it was well-done and sexy.  If not, what a natural example of the beauty of the Treasure Trail (along with the hairy chest and the treasure at the end of the trail.)

I have to give credit to another of my favorite blogsites for this photo:  SickoRicko.  SickoRicko features really hot men.  Some are shaved, but many of them are au natural.  I visit this blogspot daily.  Not only is the masculine eye candy divine, but it features tall buildings and architecture (another fetish I have), and interesting visual graphics, along with occasional commentary about current issues .  This is one of the best blogsites online. What a great curator this blogger is.  Love all of the men, the architecture and the visuals.  Check out SickoRicko.

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  1. Looks completely natural to me... Happy Spring!