Friday, March 17, 2017

SURVEY: TWO Treasure Trails. Which enticing TT do you prefer?

Update with results thus far (4/25/17) 8:30 PST       100 votes

Specimen on the left side of the photo       20 votes (20%)
Specimen on the right side of the photo     80 votes (80%)  Yay!

This poll is now closed  Thank you for participating.

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My preference of treasure trail is the guy on the right side.  According to the survey a majority of you agree.  The survey is still open and will be for a while longer.

Check out another great blog site that is one of my favorites.  It features occasionally really hot photos of men but specializes in spanking photos if that is your fetish.  This site is all about fetishes but especially men's natural hairiness and their treasure trails.  The photo above is from this blogsite.   Enjoy it.  The site is:
Dads, sons, brothers, best friends, Manhood

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  1. Had to go check out this blogsite... Seeing dads and sons unashamed to be nude together is heartening. But, the beatings my brother and I got from our father, the amount of spankings there is too disturbing for me....