Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Proud of their Square TREASURE TRAIL

Another blogsite that is one of my favorites is All Natural & More.  They celebrate men's natural state of hairiness with wonderful photos and other material that supports their cause:

The link to a recent article in The Advocate suggests that extreme body grooming is harmful.   It doesn't just look bizarre and unnatural but it appears it may not be the healthiest choice.  You can link to the article and website by clicking on this link:

This blog is one of the highlights of my day.  The custom for most men in our current times is to completely eliminate their natural hair growth, which I find very un-enticing.  Check out this blogsite on a regular basis to see a variety of beautiful men in their natural state and the celebrate male beauty in God/Goddess/Higher Power-intended form.

The photo below is from the All Nature & More , as an sample.  This specimen is naturally hairy all over in the most enticing way.  Is he trimmed a bit?  At least he hasn't obliterated all of his male beauty.

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  1. Extreme anything is not good....

    Simple grooming - a little trim to tame things is quite enough.