Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The TREASURE TRAIL from the side

Thank you Kevin.  What a beauty.  He seems modest and earnest in the pose, despite the fact that he is a beautiful man.  These two things I find incredibly sexy.  The natural bush is so refreshing to see.

Does the tattoo mar the beauty?   What do think?

I think they are lovely, when done with discretion and when they are youngsters.  Unfortunately, tattoos just do not age well and do not look as good when you get old?  Let me hear your opinions, please!


  1. Just not a fan of tattoos. One or two, okay...but they'll fade and get very ugly. Then some people go waaaaaay overboard. They'll certainly regret all that ink. I know my uncle regretted his - the older he got the worse they looked.

    1. masculine beauty, and natural when it comes to untrimmed bush.....I find tattoos a bit of a mixed blessing, on some it enhances the masculine form, especially if they are correctly placed and on a toned physique....agree that some do not 'age' too well but if the guy maintains the physique that can remain stunning.......Regards Robby