Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A sexy NATURAL Treasure Trail OUTDOORS

This specimen is magnificent, no?  The man has a stunning body.  The tan line mouthwatering.  He has a beautiful face and manly figure.  He is outdoors with just a vestige of a wife beater t-shirt on. I can't tell if his beautiful chest (and nipples) is hairy or inked (Steve?)  His TT starts mid-torso and descends to a natural bush.  The bush frames a lovely cock.  This is why I love the male form.

As always, Kevin sustains this blog with the amazing photos he sends.


  1. What comes to mind in connection with this well-constructed brother is what Uriel sings in Die Schöpfung by Haydn:

    Mit Würd' und Hoheit angetan,
    Mit Schönheit, Stärk und Mut begabt,
    Gen Himmel aufgerichtet steht der Mensch,
    Ein Mann und König der Natur!

    (Words by Gottfried van Swieten)

    English translation:

    In native worth and honor clad,
    With beauty, courage, strength adorn’d, To heav’n erect and tall, he stands
    A man, the King of nature all.

    And, yes, the lack of ink is part of the natural charm.

  2. What a delightful comment. Thank you Steve. I have also decided that tattoos are not appealing. I'm surprised that they are still so popular. As is shaving your body hair!