Sunday, October 1, 2017

A STUDIOUS Treasure Trail

How wonderful.  A beautiful man with a remarkable treasure trail, sitting in bed reading.  One of our readers recently wrote in a comment, that intelligence was an important quality for his attraction.  Not to mention a beauty male form with natural, appealing body hair.

I love, hairy chest and natural treasure trail. Check out that mouth-watering vein in his left upper arm.  His thighs are perfectly proportioned and the bulge in his briefs suggest a priceless jewel that awaits a treasure trail hunter.  And he has very sexy toes and feet.  And his long fingers to all seem to promise a man who is physically exquisite in every.

This is photo is attractive on some many loves.  In addition to worshipping his body and paying homage, I'd love to just sit and watch him read in all of handsomeness.  Click on photo and enjoy more of this man.

Thank you Kevin.  I think we may have profiled this photo before.  If so, it deserves our attention again. Enjoy.


  1. How can you NOT love a man who reads!!!

  2. Adorable in all ways.....I wish I had a 'bookend' (or even better a pair) such as that to have around the house....this is a lovely what a guy...!

  3. love the abs!
    aussie anon

  4. Perfect in every way, especially the well-muscled and well-adorned abs and chest. Awesome shoulders and handsome face as well. I just wish I knew what he is reading.