Friday, July 13, 2018

A PROUD Treasure Trail

This man is magnificent!  Thank you Kevin.


  1. This guy is exudes confidence....just imaging when he snaps those briefs down what would emerge....

  2. Bobbert M what a tantalizing perspective, as always! Years ago when I started this blog I talked about portraying male beauty in its natural form. I show many perfect male specimens in every way most often. I admire and relish them.

    When I was in my 20's,30's and 40's I admired and on a few lucky occasions enjoyed sex with several men that were physically perfect to me at the time.

    I also had a few lovers who were attractive and handsome. And a few other lovers were not necessarily perfect but there was an amazing appeal and attractive I had for them.

    I feel very fortunate that in my life (and I am an old man now and this is all a nostalgic memories which is what we are left with at at the end of my life.

    In addition to perfect specimens, I was also attracted to attractive men who might have slight imperfctions. The older I got the more the beautiful slight imperfections became my view of beauty. I'be been with a few amazing specimens years ago when I was young. But my best sexual memories are with the wonderful beautiful men who the most beautiful imperfections.

    I'm old. Unfortunately, sexual experience for me is limited to the few posting here.

    I recently adopted a rescue dog to make up the hole in my soul when my beloved canine and feline souls who lived amazing long full lives). My latest dog adoption is the most beautiful creature but some may think she is a freak She is the most beautiful creature to me because all of her unique physical attributes. I've named her Bella.

    I love beauty in all its physical manifestations, be the perfect or slightly flawed.

  3. What a beautifully honest posting Mark, bless your golden heart and loving heart...
    Bobbert x

  4. OK, on this one we have total agreement. Looking forward to seeing a photo of Bella, too.