Sunday, July 15, 2018

JUST the TREASURE TRAIL -- "He Sleeps"

I am in love with this photo.

I love the photo below that shows an angelic man sleeping peacefully....he is so beautiful without his clothes and in pose of a man who is peacefully asleep.  In the movie, Pretty Woman, Julie Roberts observed Richard Gere's slumber--and she says so softly and loving and tenderly:  "He Sleeps."

This beautiful man slumbers.  He he has an amazing set of soft, large, enticing cajones (which is a favorite among many fetish).    He also has a large uncut penis.  I love the simpleness.

I have thousands of images that I obsessively downloaded back in the late 90's and 00's. But for several years now treasure trail reader Kevin has been my primary muse and supplier of photos.  The site has 892 or 893 fans thanks to his contributions.   I hope you will all thank Kevin with a Comment.

Thank you Kevin, for again providing another most amazing content addition for this website.


  1. I have to agree with your assessment. The picture a sleeping man paints is one of peace and calm. Even if he has an erection, it still speaks of ease.
    Oh, my. Thank you, Kevin!

  2. So peaceful...but just imagine when 'that
    beast awakens' !
    Would like to extend my thanks too yes to Kevin as well as yourself Mark for all the postings....

  3. Very beautiful. I'd love to wake him up licking his delicious balls and dick. My mouth is watering.