Monday, November 19, 2018

A natural LONG Treasure Trail

Thank you everybody for helping raise our "watching" numbers to 699 (see my previous comment) So amazing.   He has my ideal male body:  long, thin (but buff) and proportionate.  Very handsome with a "greenish" five o'clock shadow.  Mouthwatering chest hair growth and succulent nipples.  The treasure trail is a masterpiece.  The pulsating veins in his inner right arm at the elbow bend, and on the left side of his very bountiful bush.  The speedo tan line.  The stunning upper thighs adorned with masculine hair.  The treasure looks leads to a most rewarding and impressive treasure.

I even like his tattoo.  Tattoos are wonderful on skin that isn't old.  They are works of art.  But like all things of beauty, to don't always last.  But this beautiful will I think retain it's beauty through the ages.

Do you think he's had a bit of grooming?   A perfect specimen in every way.

Thank you Kevin Conus.


  1. He had me at chest hair, the rest is just icing :P

  2. OMG!! How hot is this guy. Great hairy body���� I'm sporting a hard on and can't wait to go fishing with him!

  3. One hansome, perfectly proportioned, hairy guy, with a perfect cock....instant hard on material!