Sunday, January 31, 2010

COVER treasure trails....a rare magazine cover with a naturally beautiful man on the cover. Feast!

Check out these model treasure trails....all featured on the cover a magazine, for obvious reasons.

Mighty fine trails on mighty fine specimens, no? You really have to look long and hard to find a magazine cover these days with male treasure trails still intact, since most models (most men) are nothing but she-males who have been waxed and razored. While they have gorgeous physiques they look feminine with all of their natural beauty, their fur, obliterated (yes, some of these below have been marred-that is their trails have been sculpted. But at least the treasure trail is there instead of silly looking stubble). So let's salute the magazine covers which BRAVELY feature natural male beauty, not manufactured. Nothing more lovely.

Click on photos to enlarge. 20

Treasure trails are too effing hot, no?

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