Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This trail surprised me!!!

I would have thought Tiger Woods shaved his trail. So this new Vanity Fair cover came as a surprise. But the photos were taken several years ago so who knows if this is the trail that all of those mistresses of his have been tending to. What do you think about this treasure trail (the treasure trail, not the dude)?

Photography by Annie Lebowitz

The seven "Other" comments:

*Tiger Woods is really, really gross



*No attraction all

*Didn't like

*What else has he got going for him


1 comment:

  1. Tiger was always arrogant and self-centered. Now, he is just pathetic. And who the hell ever thought he was good looking. He has always had a sour looking face and now we can see his saggy body and hairy tits. Big deal. Screw him. And what adult male walks around with a name like Tiger. Time to grow up and act responsibly big shot.