Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY 2010 to all of you treasure trail fans and followers

Okay, Dudes and Dolls! In my humble opinion, the cities (it's a tie) with the hottest, most droolable men in the US are New York and San Diego. Let me hear from you about this. For some reason whenever I visit these cities I find myself 100% overwhelmed with visual stimulus of really hot dudes. A constant inundation of eye candy.

One of my favorite blogsites is Manhattan Men. The title says it all but really there are a lot of other reasons why this blog is fun to watch. First, they are all original photos of an assortment of New York male specimens which I think is unusual and certainly very enticing. Second, the blogger takes the photos himself which I admire very much. And most importantly, Manhattan Men shows a variety of hairy chested and non-hairy chested men. In my experience this is very hard to find since everyone these days seems to be shaving themselves to she-male. (BAN THE RAZOR. Keep your masculinity!) In the spirit of the new year celebrations, I present you one of Manhattan Men's HOT men that was posted yesterday. CHECK out this winning treasure trail will you! Yummy!! Click on the photo to enlarge and get an eyeful.

And now your attention please for a couple of NEW YEARS resolutions for The Treasure Trail blog: I'd really like to make some inroads with this blog now that we're in a new year. My first year was about experimenting and learning how to do a blog. I would very much appreciate it if everyone who regularly enjoys the postings here would sign up as a treasure trail follower and also vote for us on Best Male Blog sites.

vote for gay blogs at Best Male Blogs!

And finally, I've recently added ratings capabilities to each posting. I love an interactive blog and I've been working to make some improvements here in that respect with the frequent use of surveys and now the individual post ratings (see the yellow stars at the bottom of each post). I would appreciate your participation and just makes the whole experience more interesting. Although, I know we're here just to check out really hot dudes and their really hot treasure trails.

So Happy 2010 everyone. Enjoy The Treasure Trail and show your avid interest in trails by voting in the ratings and surveys, becoming a trail follower and voting at Best Mail Blog.

And be sure and check out Manhattan Men blogsite:

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