Saturday, January 23, 2010

TREASURE TRAIL prose and a taste of ginger

I love reading erotic fiction. Just finished a great book 2009 Best Gay Love Stories and there was one totally hot paean to that exquisite male form of beauty: the treasure trail. This excerpt captures that certain elusive seductiveness of treasure trails that I find wildly exciting. Sometimes words can be hotter than pictures! But it's always nice to have a combination of both, in lieu of the real thang! (click on photos to enlarge)

"...He rests with his head slightly to one side on the pillow and a large vein in his neck slowly pulses a signal of his vigor. I place the tips of two fingers over it to see if I can feel it twitch. I can. Then I rest my hand on his chest, covered in soft hair that grows in perfect regulation. It flows over and between pectoral curves to run in a single stream down the center of his stomach. Once past his belly button, it broadens to meet at last with a red tuft of pubes......"

"Callum" by Dean Reynolds, page 45.

So about Ginger treasure trails. I must admit this is a delicacy I've not yet had the privelege of savoring personally. Although a very old and good friend rather planted a seed in my head so many years ago about gingers! He said that gingers have the most heavenly scent of all men. So I've always looked with awe at red headed men and wanted to go up and start sniffing their armpits or the like.

So, is it true? Do gingers smell hotter than non-ginger men? I certainly think ginger trails are unique and have a distinct quality. Wonder if gingers taste better too?

What do you know? What do you think about the story and about gingers.

It's a great book by the way. Try it if you like short stories and erotic fiction

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