Sunday, February 10, 2013

An interview with KEVIN, this website's most PROLIFIC CONTRIBUTOR

TT:  How would you describe your treasure trail interest?   Would you describe it to be as far as a fetish?

Kevin:  I am very attracted to and sexually aroused by certain types of guys with certain types of treasure trails (will describe more below), which I guess is within the definition of "fetish."

TT: When did the treasure trail become so enticing and appealing for you?

Kevin:  Many years ago, perhaps even in my youth.

TT:  Are you attracted to guys who have hair elsewhere?

Kevin:  I am not attracted to really hairy guys, but I really like guys with some upper chest hair, especially if it leads to a long, narrow treasure trail.

TT:  Do you mind that many men now either shave off their body hair?

Kevin:  I am absolutely not attracted to guys who shave off all of their body hair! I don't get it at all as some body hair is so sensual to me.

TT:  Do you mind that contemporary men "mans cape" or trim their body hair, especially the treasure trail, or do you still find it to be appealing?

Kevin:  Trimming, or "manscaping," can be very attractive to me as I am not attracted to guys with bushy or wild body hair.

TT:  Are you attracted to hairy chested men, too?

Kevin: As I said above, I find some hair on a guy's upper chest to be very attractive.

TT:  What is it that you find so alluring about treasure trails?

Kevin:  It is difficult to define exactly why a person has a fetish; I just know that I find some types of treasure trails to be extremely sensual, especially if they lead down to nice pubes and a nice cock!

TT:  Do you have a favorite treasure trail type? 

Kevin:  Yes....fairly narrow and long.

TT:  Do you have a specific type of man your attracted to (young, old, gay, straight, heavy, thin, etc)?

Kevin:  Yes....don't we all?! I am especially attracted to younger to middle-aged, gay guys who are tall and relatively slender, with some upper chest hair and long, narrow treasure trails leading to nice pubes and nice cocks.

TT:  In this day and age, men (straight and gay, and the majority) are shaving and trimming themselves.   Do you think this trend will shift?

Kevin:  I think that many men, me included, will continue to trim just to be neat. However, I certainly hope that men stop shaving their beautiful body hair!

Thank you to Kevin for taking the time to share his thoughts and pictures for today's blog.   Heaven for me would be falling into this picture for eternity.  As well as all of Kevin's specimens.


  1. love this blog
    BUT who is the model in the first picture of this interview....
    so hot it is not true