Thursday, February 21, 2013

LOOKING down at a handsome young bloke's TREASURE TRAIL

Absolutely lip-smacking.  He's quite fetching.  Although a bit out of my age range (ya think?)  I love the hairy legs, the pubic hair and most of all that charismatic treasure trail.  And the wisp of chest hair in his clevage and around his nipples.   So natural and lovely.  This type of trail is, for me, one of the most seductive.  The inch or two above the navel then expanding out to the groin area and pubic hair.

Be sure and click on this because it enlarges to a very delectable size


  1. So hot! I would place him in the "perfection" category!!

  2. Your comments above the pic about his hair patterns fits my preferences exactly... dittos!

  3. wow! he is hooot and pretty handsome mu gosh!!!