Saturday, February 2, 2013

The LONG Treasure TRAIL exquisite treasure trail. It's a shame about the pubic hair, but check out the exquisite uncut cock.

This blog entry photo has been edited since it was first published this morning. The image here should be considered as another person's artwork that depicts a delectable male torso and perhaps another beautiful male lower torso, using current technology software (Photoshop or Illustrator, etc). I don't know for sure because I didn't create this work of fucking art. Let me make this very clear. These images are collected from the internet. If any one of you wanted to take the time to collect them and publish them, then go for it because it truly is a waste of time. Perhaps if I was a photographer and could publish original photographs which would contribute to this specific study of male beauty, then you could have the website so many of you seem to want. And I also might receive something in return. But I'm not a photographer. And the images on this website are collected simply from the time that I waste to find them or the time that a few people take to contribute them.

If you really give any shit about the previous statement, first of all my apology. You might want to read the diatribe I've left in the comments section at the bottom of this posting.

If you simply just fucking enjoy the view today and usually every day, then good for you. Pardon this statement and just enjoy the blog.

I should really remind everyone one that these "visions" (the male torso, the cock, the balls, the delectable muskier smell of a male asshole) is NOT really hanging right in front of our fucking faces, as much as perhaps we would all like it to be. I think we all have lusted after gay porn or prose and "cum" as a result. Perhaps we shouldn't take things here so fucking seriously on this waste-of-time website.
I should also add...if you don't like the word "fucking" or other profane words then this is not a blog site that you should visit. This blog sight isn't about profanity or pornography. But you really should leave if you are underage or if you take issue with adult sexuality or language.

I should add to all of the people who seem to have no life: if you have a pet peeve with the imperfect use of the English language don't waste yours (I hope this really pisses you off.....go to another sight then) or my time leaving snotty comments (although if you would like to take the time to edit because you have good intentions, I would welcome an editor since you take this so fucking seriously).

If you still have issues, then don't FUCKING visit this blog anymore. I don't do this for the abuse one gets and the waste of time.

I simply do this blog to share with other like-minded individuals my appreciate for the natural beauty of a male. I love spirited debate and disagreement. Please contribute in that way or just enjoy watching the treasure trail specimens. I try to offer a changing variety men's trails/men to appeal to everyone's tastes. Some days may not be your type so much. If you don't like something that's okay. But if you dislike something on this website because you disagree with the nature of this website or it's publishers failings, keep it to your fucking self.

My sincere apologies to all the people that I hope (and know) enjoy this blogsite. It's the only reason I do it.

Sadly, I will probably need to make the same pissed off statement in the medium-term future...or stop the blog altogether.

Mark (The stupid publisher of The Treasure Trail)


  1. I am the idiot who has published this exercise in futility because I identified that no one focused on the treasure trail. Yes, other blogs focus on hairy men and other hairy manly body parts, but none of them focused on the male "treasure trail" which since I was a lad was one of the most seductive aspects of malehood.

    Thanks, SickoRicko. I thought so too about this picture.

    Since you are a fellow blogger, you may understand this announcement. I do this blog for no reason except to provide pleasure with others who mutually enjoy treasure trails (and hirsute, natural men).

    I seldom receive any feedback. So thank you to all of you who comment. And for the small few of you have contributed in large part over the years and to everyone else who participates with Comments (like sickoricko who has a GREAT blog which you can got to by scrolling the right of the screen).

    Most of the time, it takes days to even have response to the "reaction" section below each entry.

    This comment is not supposed to be a pity party but a clarification. I have done this blog for several years. I make no money. I spend a great deal of time on a very losing proposition, both in time, money and reward.

    I do however frequently get negative comments. Most of the time, I leave the comments and rarely I respond. However, today, I received a really shitty comment/message from and Anonymous person about this current blog.

    It has been deleted, although I think, to be quasi-Journalistically integritous (is this a news exercise to fucking begin with?) The complainer had several issues but most importantly that this photo was photo shopped. To address his bullshit I have cropped the goddamned photo and removed the face, which I think was Ben Cohen (although the shit head referred only to "Ben"). But the shit head also complained that the "torso" was clearly not natural and complained about the length of the treasure trail.

    Here's the deal. I am not a photographer. I am not a graphic designer. I am simply some dumb schmuck who has spent an unreasonable amount of personal time trying to share with other like-minded people around the world my appreciation for natural male beauty.

    I have disclosed the shit heads concerns. Consider this sample to be a work of art although not real. But it is beautiful nonetheless and I still get a woodie looking at it with a fucking head.

    Anonymous, I removed your comment, but have in lieu posted your issues (or some, DUDE) above.

    If you don't like this website, for whatever reason, then don't visit it. Talk about what you like and dislike...I welcome opinions. I would LOVE it if more people left comments about their appreciation or lack thereof for one each blog specimen. I usually leave any kind of comment I receive.

    My final statement....this is a blogsite operated by a non-professional artist. I offer visual images which I find appealing that demonstrates what is hot about the naturalness of males. The images you see are collected from the web. I have not shown, as yet, any artist's depiction of male's treasure trail. Although according to the shithead that sent the comment that was deleted: it (the treasure trail) " does not need to be this long on anyone".

    The LONGER AND FUCKING FURIER then the better. Anonymous should make his/her own blog which is an homage to shaving/waxing or dislike of mail bodily hair.

    PS: Ben Cohen does have a beautiful pelt of chest hair. And so I did stand corrected. His face was removed from the photo above I simply present everyone with an "artistic" ideal of a treasure trail.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the trail on this pic, or any others. There is a wide variety of hair patterns on men. I agree with you, if you don't like it, go somewhere else. We have all seen some pretty shitty stuff on the net, but your blog is one of the best.

  4. Some pics I like, some I don't. I rarely leave comments but usually only positive if at all. (Today's pic is great!) Your taste is different from mine but so what? I applaud you guys who post pics but also understand that it can be draining and time consuming. I still miss my BuffMuscles blog but he quit too after getting fed up. I leave it to you!

  5. Thanks for your comments, Marcus and In2muslmen. None of us are going to agree 100% on every picture. I try to include a variety of body hair types and a variety of men, whether I find them appealing or not. I have been trying to work at that more diligently over the last few weeks. I don't mind at all if someone says that they don't like the body type or some other characteristic. That interests me the varying views of readers. It's these other people who shouldn't even be on this website because they do not like hairy men or others who are a little too snotty for my tastes. Thanks Marcus. I appreciate your comment that you think this is one of the best as far as quality.

    Mark (Treasure Trail Hunter)

  6. Sorry that person's comment evidently set you off. It wasn't I. In any event, I love your taste in men and appreciate everything you to do keep this amazing blog going.

    I don't care that much if there has been a little photoshopping on that photo. It's still beautiful.

    Do I understand you to say that the whole thing is Ben Cohen, minus the head, or was Ben's torso added to someone else's crotch?

  7. Steve, thank you for your comments. I suppose this was the straw that broke the camel's back. I usually just delete asshole comments and go on. But I get probably a disproportionate share of complaints and I just wanted to make a few things clear.....perhaps my diatribe will shut up future jerks.

    The photograph, as I originally posted in the morning showed a head. The complaint was among other things that it was photoshopped picture of "Ben" and that this wasn't "Ben's" chest and that I should have shown the Ben's real chest. I am assuming that he was speaking of Ben Cohen.

    But I was showing the treasure trail, so I cut off the head of the photo so that readers could appreciate the trail. Afterall, that is the focus of this website. There was also a question about the torso being real and that the treasure trail was "too long." I'm sorry I think it's a hot torso. I am not smart enough to have morphed a groin to a torso to Ben Cohen's head.

    I'm glad you enjoy the blog, Steve. It's the only reason I waste my time with it and it makes a big difference knowing that their are many readers like you who appreciate it.

    Oh....I know who the comment was from. I deleted the comment. I don't mind someone saying "I don't like this guy". This comment just pushed to many buttons.

    Happy Trails

  8. I am starting to figure this out. The groin isn't Ben's -- it belongs to the man shown on your Jan. 30 post (assuming that THAT one is not a photoshop composite of some sort as well). Not only are every detail of the shaft and ballsack identical, but the final proof is the mole a bit above the pubic hair.

    To my knowledge, Ben Cohen hasn't put any full frontal nude shots out in the public domain, so I'm not surprised that this isn't his groin. But the whole torso above the navel certainly looks like him -- and you're right, it is an incredibly beautiful trail. Plus the chest is terrific, too, in my book.

    There can never be too much Ben Cohen. I'll take whatever parts we can get.

  9. Steve...great sleuthing. You are very good.

    I agree that Ben Cohen wouldn't have any full frontal nude shots. As with other celebrities that have faux morphed photos littering the web. When I saw the original photo which included the face, I was obsessing only about the trail and the cock. Maybe I'll just crop heads off forever for the website? One can never know for sure, when you're an amateur like me. But that would take more time to crop all pictures. In the long run, I guess the guy really didn't look like Ben Cohen to me because of the nudity at the time I selected it? I don't think the shit head ever referred to anyone but "Ben" in his snotty email which I deleted. I have only assumed since then that it was Ben Cohen.

    But the snotty email complained about the length of this trail????? Fake or real, I cannot see how anyway could criticize the beauty of the trial, even it doesn't really exist!

    I do agree with you about Ben being a fucking god of manhood. And thanks for deducing that the torso is Ben's!

    Most of all thanks for being a loyal blog follower. Discussions like this make my day, dude:) Comment anytime you like.

  10. No, don't decapitate your subject, please. You wouldn't want to deprive us your loyal readers of the pleasure of seeing some handsome faces such as (especially) Nov. 21 and 27; Dec. 3, 15 and 23, and January 6. The face is part of the whole package, and adds to the reality and "personality" of the trail even if the guy is (like me) less than stellar above the neck.

  11. Okay Steve...I won't make my poor specimens headless, unless that's the image is when I find it. Often, when I show a decapitated photo (which is the way I found), people want to see the face. But, I chose pictures for that website that show beautiful, diverse and hot treasure trails. I have started showing more entries with the cock. I think it's hot to focus ONLY on the treasure trail, but I found I was often not being able to illustrate a gorgeous trail because of that rule. Keep enjoying Steve. And let me know what more you'd like. I'll do my best. Or if you find a hot trail online send it to me, like Kevin and Glen Mc do. But no decapitation!