Sunday, February 3, 2013

YES PLEASE! Treasure Trail

Well, moving on to a new day, everyone!
This man is beautiful and the trail is totally hot. The sign he is holding however is the centerpiece of this photo. Thank you Kevin for sending me this.
Imagine if he had shaved, imagine the beauty that would be erased.
This blog site shows men in all of their natural state (even if the furry parts have been groomed). Even if a man is born without much body hair, they are equally as attractive because that is the natural beauty of their maleness. What is not attractive is razor bumps/stuble on arms, legs, chests, torsos, groins that is the fashion these days.


  1. "Natural is hot, shaved is not" - hell yeah! :)

  2. I agree with the comment Natural is Hot , Shaved is Not
    What a beautiful sexy Hairy Chested young guy with a great Treasure Trail . Very Hot

  3. Nothing gets me hard faster than hairy pubes, balls, and asshole! A man should NEVER shave his pubic area. Love hairy men!!!!!!!!

  4. Man you are so right so drop your E-Mail and I'll be cuming