Monday, April 17, 2017

A NATURAL man from the SIDE in Black and White

Sometimes, black and white photos presents the Treasure Trail at it's best.   I love how natural this specimen is.  I hunt for photos that really show the male torso (particularly the TT) that shows up in photos.  Most men these days shave off their male beauty.  But I love this perspective.  Natural hairy chest with a Treasure Trail that wonders down to the pubic hair (and it's not to sculpted!) and a very perky, handsome treasure.   Thank you Kevin.

Sorry reader, for missing yesterday.  I'm taking this horrendous Geometry class and today was a final day, so I've spent the last three days trying to understand the material.  If I pass (D-) this one class I will not ever have to suffer through this bullshit (algebra and geometry) again.  It was the bane of my existence when I was in high school.   Here I am in my mid '50s and it still is a burden.   Maybe it's Karma.

This is truly an enticing male specimen.   Thank you Kevin.


  1. OH, that IS special.

    Math always made my brain cells hurt. I struggled with it in HS, then college gave me migraines. Math is not in my DNA.... But, I got through it. Have faith in yourself.

  2. Whkattk, I always was a bad math student back in high school. But that was 37 years ago! I have been trying to get past this one hurtle that prevents me from finishing the longest education by anyone ever. Hopefully I can make a D- and pass. And it will be over....and I can go to my grave never having to worry about Rhombi. I've been trying to get through this course now for several years. I was beginning to give up hope. I think it may have something to do with some bad karma. Thanks as always for participating here.