Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

This photo, which shows such a nice set balls and trail, is in honor of Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, which, thanks to the great blogsite,, is being profiled this month.

I've never received this training and I don't think I've ever been checked. Men, check yourself or have your physician check you periodically.    

Also visit the Bigwhackattack (one of my favorites) for more information.  They will be posting a series of videos throughout the month.  

What a double treasure awaits at the end of this specimen's Treasure Trail:  a nice cock and a set of pendulous balls (another of my fetishes). 


  1. Stunning specimen!

    And, thank you for joining the campaign. It's a serious matter, and word needs to spread as far and wide as possible.

    And, thanks for the props of th eblog - so greatly appreciated! Hugs, Bro!

    1. Totally agree and it's important and it's good to want everything check out...Ecstasy.