Sunday, April 9, 2017

A luxurious long, winding TREASURE TRAIL in repose.

This is most enticing.   Damn his hand which blocks a portion of the trail   It's beautiful.  I love the lithe, lean body and his hairy chest/TT growth (including those hairy legs).    Thank you Kevin.


  1. I just want to curl up next to him and....

  2. Hello!
    Can you add my gay portal please ( added yours in Top Blogspot Hot Blogs )
    Best Regards

  3. A Craving AppetiteApril 10, 2017 at 3:45 PM

    Bro love to give you one hell off wet kiss and go down your hair path and nibble on those beautiful teats and continue to your navel and go into the forest and wrestle with that trunk and empty your cargo

  4. would love to rub my hand down that furry torso, play with those nipples, and end with a hand wrapped around that lovely cock.

  5. Truly amazing and truly beautiful fine fur of Hair..sensuous....Truly luscious!!

  6. whkattk, Craving appetite, Anon, and ocean boy 47. I agree with you all. There is something about a furry torso and a long, lithe body that is so enticing. You all brought each the various aspects that make this specimen so nice.

    Fav Gay Porn I added you to the bloglist!. Thank you.