Saturday, April 1, 2017

WOW! A new treasure trail type: OBELISK

OMG.  This could be a new TT specimen:  the obelisk.   Or is it another type that we've already defined, like an arrowhead?

This is one one the most vivid, enticing photo of a treasure trail that I've seen, for so many reasons.

Was the trail trimmed to create that unique shape?  It looks great either way.  I love the pubic hair and the glorious enticing nipple.  But that cock is absolutely perfect. The girth of it.  The length of it.  The veins pulsating to create that amazing vital piece of manhood.  What an amazing reward at the end of his treasure.  I'm envious of the dude on his knees giving pleasure to this glorious man.

What do ya'll (as they say in Texas) think?


  1. It sort of appears as if he's shaved to achieve the shape.

  2. It's called being dress for the agenda