Thursday, February 11, 2010

Celebrity Treasure Trails CHACE CRAWFORD

Well I kind of thought that Chace Crawford was a "damn shame" treasure of those shaved/waxed celebrities. (Here at The Treasure Trail we refer to men who have obliterated their natural hirsuteness as "damn shames" as opposed to their god-given beautiful hair, which is "damn fine".) But in these recent photos of him in Miami he's sporting a mighty fine and sexy treasure trail. Chase.......leave the trail! It is damn hot.

These photos have been making the internet rounds primarily because in a couple the hot dude is scratching his balls. Hey buddy.....let me help you there. You got an itch you need scratched? Maybe you've popped a woodie and could use a quick blow job? (photo below)

The photos at bottom of this post are a little older but, Chace, dude.....don't deprive the world of your delectable trail (and that quel cute patch of cleavage hair)! Click on photos to enlarge

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