Thursday, February 4, 2010

TOO HOT. There is something about a treasure trail

That is just so very erotic. Any treasure trail, really. But these specimens have a little something extra that drives me wild. And you?

This illustrates the diversity and range of hot sexy treasure trails...

Click on photos to enlarge...believe me, in most every case you'll be quite glad you did. 40


  1. Dan Radcliffe has the best Trail in the biz WOOF!!

  2. Radcliffe does have a sweet trail but he does not have a heavy bush which is too bad. What he does have is a FAT cock. Check out his pics from that show he did when he appeared naked.

    Now, pic number ten has a boy with a fantastic nipple shot. That is one sexy, brown, hairless, large boy nipple!

  3. Pic number three has a bear with pierced nipples. When ya click and enlarge, that beef has one MASSIVE set of man udders. I mean I've seen chicks who don't have nipples as large as this due. The areolas have to be like four inches in diameter and the nipple sticks out like a girl's nipple!!!!