Friday, February 12, 2010

The UPSIDE DOWN treasure trail. Yesssirreee

No matter which way you look at it...the treasure trail is too feckin' hot. Let me illustrate.

Click on photos to enlarge... believe me you'll be glad you did 30

So how do you like the viewpoint of these specimens? And what about some of these crazy fellas who are upside down?


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  2. That total babe getting the blowjob is amazing. The look on his face--the total ecstasy--as his bf mouth tortures his penis is one of the hottest pics ever. That stud is fucking hot. He is handsome, built like a brick wall, has a beautiful bush and a sexy set of erect man nipples. What a powerful way to bring your lover to orgasm. He looks so dam helpless as his bf conquers him. I would love to see more of this babe getting nailed.

  3. Whichever way you look at them they are HOT!!