Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olympian treasure trails

Here's some treasure trails from some of those hot little athletes in Vancouver. The photos appear in an article in OK! Magazine of shirtless Olympians. Of course, there were others in the article who were either naturally or unnaturally sans-hirsute. Photos are by NBC/USOC. Click on photos to enlarge.

To see the rest of these shirtless mates visit OK! at

This is NOT by NBC/USBOC

But the hottest of all, IMO, is that sizzling Apolo Ohno.
Now this dude is mighty fuck-my-face-able in every way. Yummy If you enlarge photo it looks like this hottie may trim...such a shame because I'll bet he sports a beautiful naturally prolific trail and bush? But where are the natural more hirsute Olympians.....aren't there any furry Olympiads these days? While all of these fellas have mighty fine trails, they aren't the hairiest chested men, are they?

What do you think?

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  1. That mole is so gross. Apolo is about as sexy as a rodent.