Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TENNIS treasure trails.....And the winner of the Australian Open 2010 is:

The KING of tennis treasure trails, Swiss dude Roger Federer, wins the Australian Open title as well as our title of the hottest tennis treasure trail alive. Go Federer. He's got the hottest trail and hottest hairy chest on the courts in my opinion.

In 2nd place in the Australian Open was Scottish hottie Andy Murray who has a very cute whisp of a treasure trail that I find deliciously appealing. He's working the ginger thing well, no? (I'll bet he smells real nice, tee hee). Click on photos to enlarge.


Roger Federer winner

Andy Murray 2nd place

Tennis players usually have a lithe, sinewy physical beauty which these two blokes represent at the very best in my opinion. Roger is 6'1" and weighs 187lbs. Andy is 6'3" and about 185lbs. Personally I'm not a fan of overworked musculature. A tennis player/swimmer physique is quite the thing to get me going. And these two are perfect, albeit with dramatically differing trails.

Boy would I like to bump into these totally hot treasure trails in the locker room? Just sayin!
And you?

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