Wednesday, July 3, 2013

BLOND treasure TRAIL

Nice blond bloke with good body and pleasing trail, although I think it has been trimmed a bit??


  1. Mark -- I'm not sure what evidence there is for any "trimming." I don't see it at all. My sense is that the subject was not blessed with a lot of body hair (note that he has only very light hair on his forearms). Nevertheless, he deserves credit for letting what he has grow. His generally smooth body makes his treasure trail all the more beautiful. Also, if you look closely, there is just a dusting of hair on his chest. Finally, his excellent musculature and perfect fitness provide a nice complement to his cute face. On the whole, I think he is extremely attractive.

  2. Wow. How adorable. Does it come in a different size? Like say, ten years older? If that was in my kitchen, I'd be cooking. - Uptonking from Burlesque Wonderland

  3. Steve....thank you for your comment. I love a naturally "non-hirsute" man almost as a "hirsute" one. In this age I cannot distinguish between much regarding men who have absolutely no hair or who've trimmed other aspects (pubes, armpits, chest hair, treasure trail, arm hair, leg hair, back hair, butt hair, ball hair, etc). If a man were born without any hair, I think it would be hot as shit. But when they was or shave and have nothing but subtle, it loses it's allure. The only reason I waste my time on this blog, is to rarely have a discussion about this with someone else.

    You may be right. I think the things that made me think that maybe he was trimmed was his pubic hair, and the lack of underarm hair (maybe it just can't be seen because of light).

    I agree, he is extremely attractive, even if he has been groomed a bit in the body hair department.

    Upton. I agree this beautiful lad is a bit young for an older man like me. I have no clue what the readership of this blog is attracted to. I try to give a broad diversity of men (age-wise, body-shape, race, hairiness, etc).

  4. Whats not to like about this hunk. His lean muscular body is so hot. I like the way he has just a light dusting of chest hair running across the bottom of his pecs to his nipples. For what its worth I don't think he has trimmed his body hair I think its just that light covering of hair that some of these sexy young guys have. And that smile...

  5. Right.... Mark, the way I perceive this shot, the subject DOES have plenty of underarm hair; it's just so light in color that it doesn't show up strongly in the photo. If you compare the color of skin covering the bicep with the color under his arm, I think you'll see that the latter is more than just shadow. Also, I don't see that he has trimmed his pubic hair at all. He has hardly any less than I do, and I'm otherwise a couple of levels hairier than this Adonis.