Friday, July 12, 2013

Perhaps the most PERFECT Treasure Trail ever

This is the most amazing, geometrically perfect treasure trail I've ever seen.  "Probly" (as "daninokc" says) illustrates the Golden Mean/Ration.   That would make it a perfect treasure trail.

This specimen is a perfectly downward arrowhead.   But in this case, the hairy chest and the treasure trail are one perfect creation.  Plus the dude's fucking dropdead gorgeous.  And the very essence of virility.

I love the vein on the dude's upper left arm.  So sexy.  Click on this photo to enlarge.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more, with what you say about this hunk. He is totally an awesome & handsome man. You did it made my day!!! You just can't take this blog down. I so look forward to your posts. PLEASE reconsider.

  2. I had seen this photo somewhere else before, but not with your spot-on narrative. "Downward arrowhead" -- exactly! The abs are magnificent, the chest spectacular, and the face extremely handsome. Thanks for the treat.

  3. Very handsome. Love the beard. Nice spread. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

  4. he's probably straight! how's that? ha ha. ;)

  5. dan, the fact that he is "probly" (that is utterly adorable slang) straight, makes him no less appealing.

    I have to say......daninokc is one of my favorite blogs of all. You should all visit. I wish I could deliver the same kind of entertaining content. Dan has pictures of beautiful men. He also add photos of beautiful clothes. And he also gives a compelling diary of his very interesting and appealing life. And yet he remains anonymous. If I could vote for best blog, daninokc (see the right column) would be at the top.

    Thanks Dan for all the reading pleasure over the years. I will "probably" keep reading your great website long after this blog is gone. It has become sort of like "comfort food" for me. You rock, dude.

  6. I believe this is Caio Alves (the model, not to be confused with the football player).

    And yes, Dan in OKC has a great blog.