Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Completely NATURAL Treasure Trail. The complete opposite of yesterday's specimen.

I think this specimen is beautiful.  No doubt this will be a controversial declaration.  I thought the man-scapped dude yesterday was beautiful, even though he was almost hairless.  These days, it seems most men get rid of their hair.

In my opinion, we've gone from the sad to sublime (natural).  We all have our opinions, though.  I think that male grooming is definitely an advancement, but I just don't like stuble or men who obliterate all of their body hair.  It looks unnatural, even though the man is physically attractive in every other way.

(I should have mentioned the beauty of the treasure in this case).


  1. Nope. This guy is sexy natural. Just he right amount of hair, IMO.

    Have yourself a really great weekend!

  2. Agreed...natural beauty....x Robby