Sunday, July 23, 2017


This man is perfect.  Everything about him is in balance:  Nice pecs and a great hairy chest; impressive abs and a treasure trail that is truly magnificent (it's kind of a combination--a thin line of hair from his hairy chest down to the navel area and where it starts to expand--but not too much).  I love his hairy arms too.  So handsome.  Thank you Kevin.

Somehow I think this beautiful specimen has done a little manscapping/sculpting.  In this case, I would say it was quite successful.


  1. If he's manscaped, it is virtually undetectable. Wonderful!

  2. This lovely guy is as we can all see just perfect in every way, cannot add to the wonderful descriptions already stated here as I agree with them all.....images such as this want to make me run and hide, as I feel so weedy in physique, being nature barren when it comes to chest hair is something that makes my heart sink sometimes...but hey ho...there's much worse in life eh? Cheers Guys Robby x

  3. Another stunning beauty.