Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mark's Favorite TREASURE TRAIL

Thank you Kevin!  This is a specimen that is one of my most favorite.  The chest is dusted with hair. I love the intense patch of black between the navel and the pubic hair.   This example is hard to find.  The dude has a natural trail.  And the beautiful treasure looks like is more to come!  What a beauty enhanced by the Calvin Klein white briefs.

Also, I have to thank each and every one of you who support and visit this blog.  The Treasure Trail is only a few weeks away from achieving 11 million hits.  Bravo!  It is your support that is the reward for doing this blog.  Your visits, your comments and/or ratings, are the reward.


  1. love his pecs and that dark bush of pubic hair, not to mention the treasure.
    aussie anon

  2. Love everything until we get to that unruly patch of pubes. A little trimming goes a long way to enhance things.
    But, that's just me - probably because of my days as a dancer when "grooming" (as the producers called it) ensured you kept your job.

  3. BTW - Congratulations on 11 million! (I thought I was doing well... Ha!)

  4. Truly a lovely image....Robby x

  5. Lovely, but I agree, needs a trim.

  6. This Dude has the darkest hairiest more erotic belly button and happy trail out there - puts the focus right where it needs to be!!