Saturday, July 29, 2017

A WET Treasure Trail

What an exquisite specimen is this?   I love the provocative look and stance.   He also hasn't eliminated one of his best assets:  a natural, not-too-much amount of body hair.  That seems to be all the fashion these days.  His trail and body hair are shown to their best advantage because they are wet, in my opinion.

The trail leads from the chest and grows wider as it travels down.  I love the pubic hair.  I think he has tamed it a little bit?  And then, we can celebrate this specimen's most important aspect:  his Treasure. In my opinion, he has the perfectly proportioned male figure.

Thank you, Kevin.


  1. I agree.
    aussie anon

  2. Absolutely gorgeous guy and a superb photo...a hairy guy always looks when his body is wet and it is always a horny experience to see a guy emerging from the sea, swimming pool or even up closer up when showering in the sauna or changing this image...Regards to all an thanks Robby x