Sunday, July 9, 2017

A SEXY LONG, Thin Treasure Trail

Sheer perfection this specimen, no?  The beautiful chest of hair with the various hair growth patterns.  And those pecs.  Then the trail that leads from the chest hair in a straight line, stopping only at the navel, and continuing down to the rim of the Calvin Klein long johns.  Those abs.  And that coy, come hither stare.  Yummy!

Thank you to Kevin who says "Ciao" from Rome!  Happy travels.  Can you imagine the surprise in the package that is hidden by his hand (click on the photo to see the full photo)?


  1. Certainly is a 'looker' this one, and by the look in his lovely eyes, he's undoubtedly a 'bit of a tease' him....Robby x

  2. Hey Mark, good to be back (1x new PC later) LOL. U have been posting some real nice guys with sexy trails. This dude is awesome with the pattern of his chest hair, the sultry come and get me look and HOT treasure trail, which I'd call a "snail trail" so straight and defined!! What do you reckon?? Aussie FAn