Monday, July 31, 2017


This man is very hot.  But I think his torso has been sculpted just a bit.   It is quite effective even though I like men to be au natural.  I cannot criticize this specimen in any way.

His come hither look and the pose. The dog tags. His abs and handsome face.  I love the Calvin Klein long johns really make this a very sexy photo of male beauty.

That is what this website has been about.  Admiring the male form in its natural form.  Not waxed, completely shaved or unnaturally devoid of hair.

It looks like the total visits will roll over the 11 million mark with this posting.  This photo is a submission from Kevin, who has been a muse for us all.  It is appropriate that his contribution is the inspiration.  Thank you Kevin.

I hope we reach that milestone.  When we do, thanks to each of you for sharing my different perspective from the norm.  Such has always been my curse in life.

Thank you all!
The Treasure Trail