Wednesday, October 30, 2019


This specimen takes my breath away.  The sexy vertical hair growth above his navel is poetic.  As is the continued whimsical swirl around and below the belly button.  Such beautiful natural hair growth.....but methinks the trail dude's been 'scapped above the tighty whitey Calvin briefs.  Yes?  No?   His Calvins do entice with the sexy hint of an impressive treasure.  The wonderful hair on his thighs.  I could go on.   He is delectable and a remarkable beauty in every way, no?

This is no "Boy."  Click on the photo to pay proper respect to this beautiful man.  It is quite worth worshipping, IMO.

Thank you Kevin.

Happy Trails, to you all!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Worshipping a SUBLIME WET Treasure Trail at Play

A beautiful specimen of manhood.  In all his developed and refined natural muscle-made, hirsute beauty.

A lovely TT enhanced by the wetness.  Imagine the tragedy if this dude shaved his body.

Thank you Kevin.  If your equipment will allow, click on the photo to got more of any eyeful.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

JUST the Treasure Trail in all its NATURAL form

I love this photo.  This fella has just a dusting of chest hair.  And the remarkable TT leads to a hairy bush.  This young man, hasn't eliminated his nature-given beauty.

A lovely specimen.  Imagine the pure delight that beckons below.

Thank you Kevin Conus.  Click on the photo to get a beautiful eyeful (if your equipment is up to it.  :))

I so appreciate the comments recently.  Something amazing happened on the 18th.  There were approx. 15,000 visits.  At our best this blog site averages anywhere from 3,000-5,000 daily visits.  If we had a mention on another blog site that would would explain such a spike (pardon the pun) in daily activity would someone please let me know.  I would like to give thanks for whatever shout generated such a one-day high visibility.

I thank all of our loyal and devoted followers.   And I welcome any new readers of this blog!  Please leave your comments and ratings.

Saturday, October 19, 2019


In all of nature's beauty.  I hear a symphony.Look at the full bush.  The hair on his inner thighs.........  The hairy legs.  His charming patch of chest hair.  I am in love.

This is also from my archives, circa 2012.

I wouldn't change a thing on this exquisite specimen.  Such music he makes, without touching that fine instrument.

When I took piano lessons as a kid, at recitals, they always talked about your finger length.  I was taught the longer the fingers the better the music music.   That was true with the piano.  I think males can also be evaluated accordingly, in other of their ways to bring ecstasy.   Et votre expérience?

Friday, October 18, 2019


I pulled this one out of my archives of TT.  Circa 2012.

Here is a lithe, fit lean dude displaying his amazing natural male beauty.    No waxing or shaving his body hair.  No artifice.   This illustrates the glory of a man's beauty.  Maybe he's trimmed the full bush, just a bit, but not too much.  And look at the impressive treasure unfurled and standing proud.

I love the hairy arms and upper legs.  The TT always points us in the best direction to see what beckons in either direction.

Imagine if this beauty had shaved all of his body hair.  It would be tragic.  If you've got, flaunt it.  Don't spoil it.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

TREASURE Trail Masterpiece: Exquisitely wet

This image may be the greatest paeon to the perfection of man's natural beauty.  Hirsute. Unsullied.

The contrast of the black and white image illustrates the exquisite remarkable detail of his male beauty.  Imagine if this beauty were eliminated in a tragic, silly crime of defacement.  

I just love the water and the dark manly hair. 

Thank you Kevin.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

JUST the Treasure Trail

What a beautiful specimen this is.  Such a curious vertical growth pattern.   And the small portion of legs shows a beautiful set of hairy gams.  Can you imagine how exquisite the treasure is in its neat little package.

Thank you.  Kevin.

Friday, October 11, 2019


I love this specimen.  His unique hair growth is bewitching.  And he proudly displays a full bush which shows his beautiful treasure to the very best effect.

What if he were waxed and groomed to eliminate all of his natural hirsute beauty?

Someday the silly grooming fashions of the day will be stale.  And then men will be taught that their beauty without all the sad mutilations we are told today are desirable.  

Thank you Kevin.  I love this beautiful photo.  It a beautiful photograph of a man's beauty.  I don't think this is a model.

How could anyone chose to shave the hair growth above the navel.  It iS remarkable.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

A sexy Natural TREASURE TRAIL in the wild

Oh my!    What a lovely bloke (mate? dude? stud?).  You name it.  I love this male beauty with a very nice figure who  presents in his natural beauty (okay, sans the tattoo).

The TREASURE TRAIL cascades down to a full, unsullied bush.  And I believe his beautiful jewel may unsullied, too? (Uncut).

Why does this blog site continue?  Despite the fact that it defies the majority of current male grooming habits.    The majority of the men in the world have been programmed to shave their body hair.  It was hot 25 years ago when I first dabbled in it.

But it quickly became a crime against nature.  And so not pleasant.

Imagine?   I would sob if this man had shaved his natural beautiful traits!  There isn't much that can be done at the moment.  But we all come together here to share in a brief exaltation in male beauty au natural.  This is the antithesis of current fashion.

And in this specimen, you CAN see the forest amongst the trees.

Thank you again, Kevin.

Monday, October 7, 2019


This is so amazing.  Imagine if he manscaped his natural hirsute beauty.  I would weep in sadness.

Instead, I weep for joy at this perfect male specimen.  I'm sorry it's in B&W.  Some of you don't like it.  But I think this image highlights exquisitely the beauty of a natural hairy man.

This image is why we are all here exalting.

Thank you Kevin.

Thursday, October 3, 2019


I appreciate all of your support.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are not alone in the universe.   We are not alone here when wee all briefly visit this blog and mutually admire men in the perfect state. Au natural.

I live in a very isolated world.  That is the worst part of growing old.  But we all will experience end of life, despite our variances.  There are times when I don't do it well.  And there are times when I really step up to the plate.

Your thoughtful comments make me feel less alone in the world. Again, thank you.  I hope that in some way I bring the same experience to you however briefly.  We all share a common experience here:  our devotion to the beauty of a natural man.  And in that we way we're not status quo in today's world.  I find much comfort in knowing that I am not the only soul who admires nature's beauty.

Thank you Kevin.

This specimen is remarkable.  The  photographer shares our admiration of the male form.  And he shows his appreciation to mother nature's perfection.

It is all about perspective.  Perspective is the key to seeing the amazing beauties in life.  I love that we look upside down on this awesome dude from with perspective of his hirsute torso, groin, and upper and Lowe legs.  Imagine it he would have shaved or waxed his hair away (okay, it looks like he 'scaped his chest...but not the armpits, thank heavens.)

Such perfect geometry here, no?

I fear this is a redux....if so it is worth our continued admiration.  IMO.

Thank you all who continue to support and share in my admiration.