Wednesday, July 31, 2019


This is a remarkably gorgeous sample of natural male beauty.

The veins, the abs, the pecs, the natural chest hair and exquisite TT.

I have always found perfection quite appealing.  But sometimes beauty has a slight imperfection that elevates and transcends it to utter perfection.

That's my opinion.

Thank you to you all  who have responded with understanding about my current existence.

Thank you Kevin for this masterpiece.  Click on photo to see the full image in all of its perfection (depends on the equipment you're using).

I'd like to imagine that this fella is a firefighter.  His earnest, kind, countenance is worthy of such a noble profession.  Yes? No?

Sunday, July 28, 2019

UP CLOSE to a beautiful, albeit coiffed TREASURE TRAIL

What a beautiful image of manhood.  You can see that his body hair was trimmed and is just reached its recovery, beyond the status of stable.  Imagine two to three weeks from now the way this goddess-given beauty will blossom.  Thank you Kevin Conus.

Such a beautiful man.  Thank heavens he didn't massacre a beautiful bush which frames a remarkable, very respectful TT straining for even more of a full attention.  (Click on photo to see just how impressive this specimen is.  If your device will allow).

It was so long ago.  But I can remember when my erection felt that it couldn't stop engorging.  It was a profound experience.   I hope every one of you still have this blessing.  Relish and honor these experiences vociferously.  One day, you will miss this blissful natural state of being and experience. That is the way of life.  Why do we not communicate with each other and share our experience and knowledge?

Thank you for your responses.  I chose this one just for you TT reader you, sc57, who left a recent comment, that I am unable to copy:

I am always of appreciative reader involvement, even the most strident ones.  I may not agree.   But please speak up will you still can.  Someday in the near future you may not be able to enjoy beauty and share your experience, amongst one another.

Does anyone understand the reality of "end of life"?  It is quite different than living life to the fullest.  They are two dramatically different experiences.  Both deserve our profound respect.  I live in a reality of death and finality (not necessarily mine).  No one here will escape death.  And I wouldn't ever have presumed to disrespect that experience for those that are living it.

Will this person have this post removed?  This is the world you all live in.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Looking DOWN a Bountiful TREASURE TRAIL in Black & White

Thank you Kevin.   Brilliant composition with the white underwear.  And everything else.  He presents in all his natural-given perfection.

And congratulations to you all.  We surpassed the 13 million viewer benchmark.  I thank you all for your continued support and interest.  Namaste.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Looking DOWN majestic TREASURE TRAIL

My apologies.  Since I last posted I entered the End of Life Twilight Zone.  Wow,  What a very freaky place.  Not sure when we will reach the end of the zone.  I'll do the best I can to keep posting.  I know I've breached all web etiquette by discussing something so human and true.  Everyone lives is their own bubble.  Is there anyone out there who has been through thus life experience?  You needn't comment publicly because that would communicate too much information or human emotion.  Who's brave enough, beside the strident few.  But I am thankful for you all.  I appreciate that you take the time to support this decade long boondoggle.

But I need a salve.  The best thing I can think of is to pause.  And admire nature's beauty:  the male body.

Thank you as always to Kevin Conus.  He has been through this blog and supported us for many years.  In the words of one of the people I most admire, the trailblazer Jodie Foster, Kevin is someone who sticks with me through all "the rotten and the bliss."

I find it astonishing.  Many young people seem to think that they have discovered something original.  Are you aware that billions and billions of souls preceded you.  Do you care about their remarkable history.  Oops.  I've lost the audience.   Let me put on my lashes.  Ba-dump-pum

Trump says it is all a conspiracy?  That is the only truth he has babbled.   Andy Cohen did not discover drag queens and the bottom line of human behavior.  He used it to bring down our democracy. .

I am old.  But the funniest thing I find is that new generations think they have discovered something original.  I wasn't that way.  When I was 17, I spent hours listening to Judy Garland, over and over.  And Frank Sinatra. Bizet, Chopin,  Vivaldi,  Sondheim, Bernstein.  Rutter. Oh, I could go on.  I know that I have alienated my audience.  Fine.  I will do what I've done throughout my life time.  Talk to myself.

I doubt youngsters will eventually learn of all the amazing humans in history that did things that they are just now discovering.  This is their way of life.  They were taught to not really think.  And to communicate in a shorthand that is truly killing the world order.

I just hope a few of you young folk will take some time to learn about the world.  It will expand your mind and soul exponentially.  Each generation moves the world forward.  It did so before all of your devices.   What happened before is the most important legacy we can leave, besides our complete ruin of the world order that is happening before our eyes.

Here's a moment of beauty. You may not have the freedom to admire this in the future.

Monday, July 15, 2019


This beauty has my favorite of male body types.   Long, fit, lithe, lean, proportionate and natural hair.

Male beauty at its finest and a sexy-as-hell TT specimen.

Saturday, July 13, 2019


It's been a while since we've considered this variation of TT.  This specimen is incredible, except his beauty was destroyed by shaving the lower half of TT.  He is perfect.  But eliminating one's natural beauty does not enhance it.  IMO.

I think this photo is set in Palm Springs, my neck o' the woods.  What a beautiful man (look at those veins, the torso, the abs, the "what are they called" Orion's Belt, the lick of the lips. 

But why the grooming?  I weep.  Click on photo to enlarge to admire/mourn.

Friday, July 12, 2019

An extremely WIDE Treasure Trail

Amazing.  This is manhood and in its most natural way.  I wouldn't want this specimen to do a thing to his perfect male beauty.  The veins, the nipples, the guns, the great body which displays an astounding hair growth pattern.  I weep at your glory, Sir.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

A SEXY Treasure Trail

Well, the blog is still here!  Everyday I wake up and wonder, "what fresh hell" awaits as the brilliant Dorothy Parker used to say.  Faithful readers know of my various peccadilloes and fetishes about male beauty and traits.  They are eclectic and wide-ranging.  I have never been someone who had a type.

This amazing dude really "gets me going" as Rufus Wainwright sang in his amazing song "An Old Whore's Diet".  I am attracted to a full range and spectrum of masculinity.  But I have a special passion for tall, lean, lithe, proportionate men with dark body hair that hasn't been massacred.

This specimen, compliments of our roving TT reporter, Kevin Conus, who is again traveling the globe.  Kevin, you should do a blog :).

This photo study has so many mouth-watering features that make me quiver.  If your device will allow it, you should click on the photo to enlarge too see this beauty in technicolor.. 

Here are the highlights for me:

  • a beautiful TT
  • a torso which displays all sorts of delightful delights...the tuft of hair below his pecs
  • a lovely, unique enticing chest hair growth
  • long thin arms and and legs
  • a perfect set of gams covered in dark hair.

    What do you think?

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Another READERS Request for a Perfect TT

One of our readers emailed earlier his favorite TT specimens.

"Unknown" I hope you are still with us.  Your third request was to feature Tom Daley, the hero Olympic diver champion.  We have previously admired his beauty on the this blog.  He is amazing.  Our muse, Kevin Conus, sent this pic in the last few days.  When I saw it, I knew it was time to try to feature this masculine masterpiece again, at your request.

Here 'tis thanks to Kevin.  Occasionally I receive threatening correspondence about content.  I respect copyright rules.  But they were written in truly ancient times.  But is the law.  Alas, in this day and age these laws are useless and arcane.  I have become wary about showing notable people, celebrities  and athletes because of that. And I removed previous photos of were published of celebrities and I have refrained from showing them since.  I'll post this and hope they don't shut down this blog because of this photo. 

I am an idiot as you all know well.  I waste my time continuing this hopeless and worthless endeavor.  I do so willingly.  There is quite simply no benefit to this blog in any way, except for the few small handful of relationships I enjoy online readers.  This blog is about the admiration of male beauty in its natural state.  I receive no benefit (no doubt many people are laughing and enjoying this remark).  Haters far outweigh fans on the internet.   I am more than happy to remove any photo when requested by an owner. 

I recently was sanctioned for a very old photo which was removed by Google based upon a violation complaint.  This is happening quite a bit these days on facebook.  Anyone can accuse based upon many things which have nothing to do with legal ownership.  On the internet, one is guilty if accused. 

Unknown, I celebrate your observation of male beauty.  Enjoy....until we gay bloggers end up in a concentration camp.  Am I allowed to say that.  Probably a hater will object to that comment and have it removed.

We do not live in a country where Constitutional rights are guaranteed.  And even your comrades will surreptitously attack and win. 

Enjoy.   Until this forum is removed.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Very hot Dude but a bit TOO COIFFED FOR ME

Really gorgeous fella.  But I weep at the thought of what he TT looked like before he manscapped it. Tragic.  But he is beautiful, unnaturally so.

Thank you, Kevin.  How is The Continent?

Saturday, July 6, 2019

The Treasure Trail's GLORY

CAVEAT:  Our number of followers hit 747 which is my favorite number (don't be surprised if it doesn't drop a few numbers and then "hoover" at 743 for a while.  I love this number and it has a special meaning for me.  Since I was a lad I have been in love with beautiful Queen of the Sky, the Boeing 747.  It has become obsolete and these amazing beauties are going to desert retirement/scrap yards around the world.  I weep.  But I'll take a screen shot for posterity.

We're fast approaching 13,000,000 hits.  Thank you to every single person who made that statistic possible.  Those who most deserve to celebrate are the supporters, who have stuck through the "rotten and the bliss," as one of the people I most admire, Jodie Foster eruditely said.

Each of you deserves a huge hug from me.  Each and everyone share in this milestone.  I sure wish there was a monetary reward.  After all these years I am still clueless at how blogging can bring fortune.
And now for today's celebration of male beauty.................................................

Glorious.  Why is this specimen so remarkable?  It illustrates that the beautiful, sacred hair growth just below and above the navel points to many finer things, if you follow its direction.  At the end of the trail is a bountiful bush, introducing a profoundly large jewel, shrouded which rests so perfectly on a set of large pendulous balls.  And look at this fella's spread legs.  There is not any shameful 'scaping. Going upwards, the dude has guns and a beautiful unsullied hairy chest.

Dude's having coffee.  In bed.  Give me a triple espresso and I could worship him all day.  The leg spread is most out-watering, amongst other male assets, no?

Thank you, Kevin.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The WET Treasure Trail

This is the best evidence of why men should not shave their natural body hair.  This is more magnificent that any stubled-body part, hands down.  If a man was born with little hair then he is exquisite.  But why would one want to eliminate the best feature of this man his body hair?

The shrouded penis.  The thick, lucious, dark bush and surrounding hair.  And that sublime specimen of a TT.  This is masculinity at it's best.  Natural.

Click on photo to enlarge and really admire (not all devices will enlarge the photo).

Thank you Kevin.

Monday, July 1, 2019

A CHARISMATIC and Proud Treasure Trail

I love the beauty of this specimen.  The trail below the navel is slightly offset vertically than the portion above the navel.  Very sexy and unique.  This is a singularly beautiful specimen, no?

Thank you Kevin. Click on the photo to enlarge...this one is amazing (not all devices will display an enlarged photo).

Feast your eyes!

The Treasure Trail UP CLOSE and in B&W

Thank you Kevin.  This photo is the essence of what this blog is about.  It would make a great header, no?  It's landscape.  What say you?

Click on photo to enlarge (if your device can).  Look at the exquisite detail looking from the side of the TT that this study provides.

Thank you Kevin.