Monday, May 23, 2022

TOP 5 2021 Treasure Trail Blog Posts

The Treasure Trail Blog will soon reach another milestone: 16M visits since inception in 2009.

Congratulations to you all! Who'd of thought?

As we do annually this time of year we pay tribute to the top TT posts, based upon your responses (hits)*. Thank you to all of you. And to Kevin for our shared accomplishment!  

Here's the results

1.  Bathing the TT, May 28, 2021:     2,656*

2.  TOP 5 2020 TT Blogs, March 7, 2020:    2,585*

3.  A SEXY TT, July 2, 2020:  2,164*

4.  A Beautiful TT, July 8, 2021:   2,040*

5.  PEEKABOO--A Treasure Trail, September 8, 2021

*Data as of 5/7/22, 9pm Pacific


  1. These are all examples of why I follow this blog. All are beautiful in their own way.

  2. You always make me so happy with each posting please keep up the good work - regards as always UKBob