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If this could be my last vision before dying, I would die a very happy soul. Exquisite!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Treasure Trail

It's been awhile since my last posting for many reasons.

The male Treasure Trail, it seems is in complete decline in today's world . I read voraciously, or I once did, and what I read seems to imply that men think that other men (and more so women) are more attracted to unnaturally non-hirsute, and "trimmed" men.

This, like most everything in the world, I find abhorrent. I believe that naturally non-hirsute men are sexy as hell. I would fuck a naturally hairless guy if I found him attractive in a minute.

But the norm for men these days, straight and gay, are shaved and non-hirsute. This to me renders a man less desirable, sexually. They seem more female than male. I respect that most of the world finds this appealing and I'm not trying to say anything more than that I myself don't feel the same way with this modern preference for male beauty.

For me, a man's hairiness makes him a man. A boy's hairiness, or his budding hairiness makes him a sexual too, even though he may be budding in his sexuality.

A beautiful man who has little hair on his body, is gorgeous and naturally sexy. But a man who has eliminated his hairiness willingly are not in the least sexually interesting. Even though eliminating your pubes may make your cock look larger. It doesn't make you more attractive as a male.

The hairiness of a man can make him sexy in the most subtle way. A slight blonde dusting to his hands above his wrists, can drive me wild. A man's hairy (slightly or greatly) arm is almost mesmerizing. A man's hairy legs, even though he has not a hairy chest is sexy beyond relief. A man's hairy ass, is maddening and beautiful beyond relief. A slight one day refrain from shaving can make men and women crazy at times for the right man.

Sure, trimmed pubes and ball hair are nice. But, too much manscaping is literally unappealing and not sexy. Unless you prefer nothing but prepubescent boys. Which have their own appeal for some....But that's if you're into boys.

But this website, has been, always about men. Maleness. Testostorone. And the sexual beauty and appeal of men.

Don't know if I'll post anymore. Just wanted to make my statement. I respect everyone's sexual appeal for others in the world. I want to simply state my own and to emphasize why this blog ever existed to begin with.

Happy Man Admiring to you all!

Treasure Trail Hunter