Monday, December 31, 2018

Our LAST Specimen 2018: A GINGER Treasure Trail FROM THE SIDE

This was the year of Prince Harry.  Thank you Kevin, for ending this year with a beauty.  And in honor of the most famous living "ginger," I offer this beautiful study (click on photo to enlarge).

Happy New Years to you all!

Sunday, December 30, 2018


We'll let Kevin Conus, our muse, lead us out of 2018.

I don't think that we have appreciated this exquisite specimen before?  We've seen and admired a remarkable variety of LONG TREASURE trails many times before.

I love this TT type.  Dudes with this trail trail type are usually pretty naturally hirsute.  This photo reflects a beautiful hairy man (not boys) who has an ideal shape and proportions with a masculine balance of body hair.   And this one has a great smile.  That really counts too.

Thank you all for participating and patronizing this blog site. In 2018, we've achieved more historical benchmarks:  (1) 12 million visits since our inception and (2) we are at 706 enrolled watchers.

In 2019 maybe we could increase the number of responses/ratings and comments.

 I wish you all a very good 2019.  Health, serenity and wealth.

PROUD Treasure Trail

With good reason.  He evokes a young Brad Pitt, for those of you old enough.  He is beautiful.  I think what we see is all natural (pits and bush look natch).  What do you think?

Let us give thanks to Kevin Conus for this offering.

Friday, December 28, 2018


Kevin, you've done it again.  What a beautiful specimen this is.

A Heavenly pillow of TREASURE TRAIL Up Close and FROM THE SIDE

This is a brilliant study of masculine specimen.  It is a work of art.

The lighting was intended to highlight the features of a MAN (not boys for you the stupid "fecking eejit" who left a comment).

I love the light in this photo which illuminates to best advantage the feather-like hairiness of his TT, pubic area, and thighs that enhances his manhood.  Such intimacy

I seldom find photographers who share our appreciation.  This would make the perfect photo for this blog site's header, No?   (Except that it shows the penis).  It is the essence of what I love about natural men beauty.  I may have featured this photo before and, if so, it deserves our second admiration. 

Natural men are sexiest of all (whether they were designed with or without hair*)

CLICK on the photo to enlarge and appreciate this beauty all the more.

Thank you, Kevin.

*It is impossible to illustrate men who naturally have little body hair since the current fashion that a majority of men practice eliminates their body hair by shaving, waxing, etc. Stuble is not sexy.  Unless it's a beard.  Natural reigns supreme. 

It would be a tragedy if this beauty shaved the exquisite fine hair that he was born with.   But in my usual fashion, my preferences and interests make me an alien in this world.  That has been true my whole life.  All of the things I adore, contemplate, admire and yearn for in my life remain elusive...people who also share my interests.  All the years--a lifetime and I have never found it.

Thursday, December 27, 2018


Pure perfection.  He is magnificent.  But do you think he has trimmed below the speedo?  This is the essence of manliness.    He could play James Bond after Daniel Craig is done?

Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Treasure Trail UP CLOSE

Heavenly specimen. Breathtaking, no?

And thank you Kevin.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Looking Down a SEXY Treasure Trail

Would everyone agree that this blog is about admiring and marveling the beauty of masculinity in it's natural state?    Men (and let me underscore, MEN) are amazing works of natural beauty in such a panoply range of natural beauty.

Thank you again, Kevin. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


This is an amazing specimen.  It looks like he may have manscapped below his underwear edge.  Damn shame.

I hope you all, Ladies and Gentleman, are enjoying objectifying these beautiful representations of MANHOOD.  Masculinity is beautiful.  For years, men objectified women.  Stones were turned about when Madonna transitioned our culture to reverse objectify MEN.

Thank you, Kevin.

Monday, December 17, 2018

A lush TREASURE TRAIL From the Side

Kevin, you are on a roll!  I love this specimen.  This is a stunning, natural, bushy TT.   And then that fine ass.  And those VEINS!  I love the hooded sexiness of his eyes and face.   Enjoy!  Thank you Kevin Conus.

Friday, December 14, 2018


A perfect 10+!  And that vital, pulsing manly left arm vein.   Thank you, Kevin.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Today is a TWOFER Treasure Trail offering. Celebrating Kevin Conus!

Our Chief Muse at the treasure trail blog is Kevin Conus.  He regularly sends the most amazing examples of beautiful men and their remarkable TTs.  Today he sent a batch (or a bevy, as I like to say) of male perfection.  As always, his choices made me a blubbering fool.

We all need to thank (please!) Kevin for his good taste and commitment to this blog's message about male beauty.  He is the person who needs accolades and thanks.  Kevin, I thank you for constantly supporting this endeavor.  It's been going on for a decade(+/-).  And Kevin has truly been a silent but equal partner for the duration.  Would you please show your thanks for Kevin--leave a comment for Kevin and leave a reaction (one of the three radial buttons).

In the future, you'll see many of the beauties that he submitted today.  Kevin said, "I'm sending along an interesting variety of hot guys and their yummy treasure trails for you to enjoy! I especially like TT-7 and TT-16."

These are two very distinctive specimens.  It's a very pleasurably difficult choice to make, but for me the second photo TT-16 is my favorite.  The first photo is a very close second.

PLEASE thank Kevin and give us your opinion.  Your support makes this more fun for all of us.

Kevin, speak up about why these to masterpieces appeal to !?

Sunday, December 9, 2018


This is an image that illustrates masculine beauty and the exquisiteness of male to male love.

Thank you Kevin.  This photo illustrates a beautiful specimen's trail with a hint of a natural bush. I suspect the the hidden treasure, coyly hidden by his lover's hand, will be perfect.

The back male partner's masculine hands and uber (did you know that this word existed before the transport brand Uber was even a thought?) sexy arms with such powerful veins is truly a beautiful study.  The sensuality of the image is enhanced by the two distinct skin tones.  And the veiny, clawed white hand of the front object of lust is amazing.  This emphasis seems to illustrate male sexual power and the wonder of male on male love connection.  It pulsates.

The hint of the small white briefs on the male lover in back just adds to the powerful erotic message of this image.   Click on photo to enlarge (it is worth it).

To the readers from last posting:  "thinman," Aussie anon, "smartroad" (me want too!) thank you for your great comments.  This piece of shit Apple MacBook Pro will not let me respond to your messages.  It will not print.  Thus, I'm responding to you here.  And most especially:
  • Mark in DE--"I find photos like THIS to be more sexy than nudity. "
  • Bobbert--"Agreed Mark, these's something about a racing mind at what lies beneath and within those white this guys torso and the trail / fie around his belly... Cheers"
  • Anon (Ben) Aussie--"I'm with Mark and Bobbert - there is a mystery about this guy and what lies in those tight whities.....he;s a beautiful man"
You all identified with an important point.  I find images of male and female beauty (I'm gay, but I love women.  I worship men, though).  An image is sexier if it obliquely hints at the more intimate parts.  When I first started this losing proposition decades ago, I had very specific guidelines.  I didn't want to show penises because I think they are a distraction to a man's beauty in totality.  Who can see anything beyond the cock?  Over the decades I have learned that the most sensuous and powerful images of human sexuality are the one's that have nuance. There is an allure and mystique that has been obliterated in the porn world of today.

It was a noble cause, I think.  But it defied the contemporary male grooming practices.  I found a dearth of images of hirsute male beauty, sans the penis.  It was fashionable to shave and wax away one's goddess-given natural beauty (steve!)  I thought it would be a passing trend.  Sadly, it was not.   Straight men took the fashion up.  Today, decades later, the ideal male image reflects the elimination of body hair.  It is not attractive if it is false, as far as I'm concerned.  So, I capitulated and expanded my images to show the cock. 

I will end this diatribe. A few may listen/view this and even fewer will respond.  As a few of you commented in last posting that the image was sexier because it hinted, but didn't explicitly show the ultimate male sex organ.  In the movie/play the character Frank N. Furter said it best:  antici…pation!   

Saturday, December 8, 2018


Wow!  Thank you Kevin.  Have you an opinion?

This specimen and photo illustrates why a treasure trail is the most enticing of men's body, assuming they haven't waxed or shave themselves to an ugly stuble.  The incredible natural torso hair growth is splendid.  The hint of a natural bush and price less treasure below.  And above, I think we find a handsome sexy face and man.

This is why I will always follow the TT.  There is always promise for what lies on each end.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Another TREASURE TRAIL Masterpiece

This specimen takes my breath away.  I wouldn't change anything.  And I would worship this astonishingly beautiful example of manhood.  Imagine what incredible is below and above this TT.  This may have appeared before in the years of this blog.  If it is redundant, get over it.  We could admire this beauty every day.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

A PERFECT Cowboy Treasure Trail

This is a perfect specimen in every way.  The cowboy is a very HOT cowboy ambience puts this over the top.  His incredible arms with sexy veins, the fine torso with chest hair and TT.  I would love to be his corral butt boy (like a fluffer sort of?  But not the beasts.  Just this beauty.)

What do you think of this Aussie cowboy?


This is a magnificent specimen.  It has symmetry (the trail above and below the navel are almost mirror images).  It is enchanting to say the least.  The tan and the speedo bathing suit line provide a perfect background.  The TT leads to a nice healthy bush and beautiful treasure.  If this was sculpted, then I say sculpt away.  What do you think?

Thank you, Kevin.