Tuesday, December 31, 2019

JUST the TREASURE TRAIL. Sort of.....

This specimen is a masterpiece.  The dudes body, first of all.  And the photographic perspective.  It is seldom to find a photographer who appreciates male beauty the way we do.

The TT is beguiling.  The nipple makes me quiver.  The hairy chest.  The cleavage.  The bush peaking out is so remarkable.

Imagine if this man, who sculpted his beautiful musculature, decided at the same time to detract from his natural beauty and eliminate body hair.

I celebrate all men in their natural state.  Hair or not  Artifice is one of the things that makes humans ugly.  Not all of us are born blessed as this beauty.  Some of us also do not contrive to make ourselves anything different but what we are.  That is beautiful enough.   The way are born is NOT wrong and we shouldn't feel any shame.  It has taken me decades to understand this concept.  I will go to my grave full of shame.  I only hope that future generations do not carry this forward.  I'm skeptical.  Our species seems to lack something.  We just keep repeating horrors.

Thank you Kevin for this magnificent high note for the end of a decade.  Let us hope that the next decade will still see the beauty of masculinity.

Happy New Years to you all!  And Happy Trails to you!

Friday, December 27, 2019

A complex, bountiful TREASURE TRAIL

Oh my!  Our amazing benefactor has brought a remarkable portrait of male beauty.

I shudder to think of the sacrilege if this beautiful man shave his body hair, in brief or in total.  I sing the praises of the male form in all of its forms.  Hirsute or not.  Naturally!

What a salivating TT this dude shows off.  Rightfully so.  The trail leads to such astonishing treasures above and below.  Look at the bush framing his priceless treasure.  This specimen is a perfect man in every way, IMHO.  I highly recommend, that if your equipment will allow, that you click on this photo.

He proudly exhibits his natural, true beauty.

We have just a few more days to complete this "Annus Horiblus" (IMO).  How should we close it out?  I cannot thank enough all of the readers who continue to contribute comments and reactions. 

We enter a new decade together, which begin this blog's second.  Hopefully, the pendulum is rebounding back toward the celebration of the MALE as it was given to us. Until then, we'll keep the candle lit brightly for the cause!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

A magnificent ARROW Treasure Trail

It has been a while since I've defined a TT.   Male beauty is so fluid.  Men are like diamonds with so many beautiful facets.  And like a diamond, each facet comes alive with just the right lighting.  It illuminates.  This beautiful specimen is astonishing.

This photographer deserves an award.  Lighting brings animates all of our perspectives.   In this remarkable study, the pose and the lighting highlight so many facets of this exceptional homage to male beauty.  I see a distinct downward arrow TT.  It is natural and without artifice.  And this MAN has worked hard to enhance everything about his body to best effect.  The red light exaggerates his abdomen sculpting on his right side.  

So many beautiful men these days, shave or wax or whatever their body hair.  This man is a masterpiece.  But he is so because he has celebrated nature's gift to him.  He enhanced his body.  But he didn't eliminate his body hair.

I can only wonder what other breathtaking facets one would discover up close and intimately.  

Thank you Kevin for this Arrow TT!  Click on photo to enlarge.

Monday, December 16, 2019

A bewitching specimen for the TREASURE TRAIL Hall of Fame

This man is so perfect in every way to me.  I like his natural furriness. Not bearish. (which is quite okay to me).  But he has left his natural beauty alone.

This TT is enchanting.  The Trail has multiple facets that make is so charismatic and stunning.  There is a well-defined vertical stripe.  But it's beauty is made manifold, with a oval-ish circular disbursement of hair to frame the vertical brilliant line.  Together, these two aspects makes this TT specimen so striking and most of all, unique.  I could wax rhapsodic about the rest of the dude.  He is perfect in every way.

Thank you Kevin.


Saturday, December 14, 2019


We may have celebrated this lovely specimen before.  This photo is from earlier this decade.

I was born blonde.  So I experienced life as a blond, right to the ugly hideous end.  Some of us are hairy but you can't see the blonde hairs in a photo.  In reality, the natural beautiful body hair of a blond can be so sensual if you see it in the perfect light.  I used to play tennis in high school.  Some of the sexiest memories I have are of lithe, young men my age, who had quite a bright, blond verdant manscape of body hair.  The sexiest of my peers, had thick patches of body hair on their arms, legs, and at that age, sometimes the chest. They had beautiful body hair but you couldn't appreciate it from afar, or if you were closer but the lighting was not right.

Have any of you appreciated blonds?  They are one of many exquisite male body specimens (I love the spectrum A to Z myself).  I love the vivid, but so subtle body hair some blonds are born with.  Other blonds have very little body hair and if so, it is very light.  And it doesn't photograph.  But they too are perfect.

And so I offer this "vintage-ish" (2013) photo as a ode to naturally blond men.  It looks like he might have done a bit of 'scapping in a region leading from the TT to a clipped bush?   But I know that the beauty of a blond is that the luster and subtlety of their body hair can only be discovered when you are close in person.  Few photographers understand how to capture this exquisite, hidden beauty.

I seem to become more like Walt Whitman every day (not in my literary skills, I know).  I find at the end of life an amazing new perspective.  "I sing the body electric."

And this is just one illustration.  I remember this sort of beauty from my youth in the 1970's, although no one shaved or altered the body.   I hope in the future that all of you will know the beauty of a man without his natural beauty unsullied.   It is so much more interesting and sensuous than the butchery we endure due to today's freaky unattractive fashions.  A man's beauty becomes infinite.  But not when they shave themselves.  A man's beauty is more than the size of his penis, scrotum and testicles.  As this "vintage" photo proves.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019


I love this specimen.  I think this is a naturally hairy dude.  He has thankfully sculpted his body.  Which means he enhanced his natural beauty.  He also exhibits IMO body hair that has not been obliterated.  No stubble here.  But maybe he shaved his balls?  

Men are beautiful the way the came to their lives.  We've been living in this strange, altered dimension for a couple of decades that has dictated men (gay and straight) to get rid of their body hair.  This is a travesty.  Will it take another two decades for this tragic fashion to become passe?

Quite probably. The pendulum swings.  Fashion moves, on occasion, at a glacial pace.  I've lived long enough to know that this is the truth and not fable.

What a beautiful representation this photo of all the qualities we encourage at this blog.  This is the current ideal.  But I love natural men which runs a very wide gamut.  Not just men that are professional models. In this blog's history, I've tried to show a spectrum.  I try to prove a point.  That men are beautiful when they display in the way the goddess created them.  I hope that this message will someday take hold of the zeitgeist.

Thank you, Kevin.

Enjoy!  And please leave some response.   You can just express your reactions by choosing one of the three radial buttons.  Or you can make a comment.  I appreciate every one of you who continue to support my silly ideal.

Monday, December 9, 2019


I hope this specimen hasn't appeared before.  If so, then it bears repeating.

Thank you Kevin.

Why would anyone eliminate their body hair if they were born this way!  Too many do so.   But, why?

I hope someday, once again, the male natural form, with or without body hair, will again become the fashion.  Until that day, we'll keep the appreciation going here for the beauty of masculinity, unsullied.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

The TREASURE TRAIL completely au natural. I think. And you?

What a lovely photographic study of manly beauty.  I love the underwear and the delectable suggestion of a lovely treasure waiting in this dude's tighty, whitey Calvin Klein briefs.

What remarkable specimen.  He has such a lovely TT, especially above the navel.  But I wonder if the trail below the navel has not been 'scaped just a bit?

Why do men not believe their hirsute natural state is not beautiful?  And they shave legs, arms, etc.  If you are going to compete in the Olympics, then I can understand that you would streamline your body to be more streamlined, and at your best competitive advantage.  I find a man who's obliterated his body hair to look freakish.  Even if he has a handsome face, incredible body and maybe even a big dick.  It screams contrivance.  It screams mutilation.  It is never appealing.

But if a man was born with very little body hair, he is exquisite.  Natural hairiness or NOT hairy is sexy.  But when it's been unnaturally removed it is completely sad and uninteresting IMHO.  :)

Thank you, Kevin.

Enjoy!  You should definitely click o this photo to investigate it enlarged.  Such a great word, no?

Thursday, December 5, 2019

The equally Enticing REAR TREASURE TRAIL

It has been a while since we've featured a specimen of this male beauty.  This a remarkable photographic study.  I love the hair on this dude's ass and crack.  But the REAR TT is for me exquisite when there is natural, unshorn hair at the base of the bottom the torso that also leads to a bit of hair leading down to the top of the specimen's crack.

Thus, this photo which shows so vividly and erotically, that intimate area on a man.  The rest of the hair is blurry.  This photographer captured perfectly this remarkable aspect of masculinity, as its very best.

Let us not forget the power of the beauty of a man au natural.  Click on the photo to get a better view.  If your equipment allows.

Thank you as ever to our Pied Piper, Kevin Conus.


Tuesday, December 3, 2019


How lovely this specimen.  Check out those hot nipples, too.

Thank you Kevin.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

I GIVE THANKS to this beautiful, natural Treasure Trail UP CLOSE

So exquisite.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone, no matter what country you live in.

Look at the very light hair just above the navel.  This TT specimen makes me quiver and have goosebumps.  Such a vivid photo.

This photo can be enlarged.  I highly suggest you give your self the exquisite pleasure by clicking on the photo (if your equipment can).

Monday, November 25, 2019


What a luscious photograph which shows a remarkable male beauty.  And it is unsullied.  This TT specimen is so enigmatic.  And that wonderful bushy bush.  Imagine the treasure that awaits.  This is no "Bear".  This is a beautiful man in all his glory.  Imagine if this perfect work of nature were obliterated and all of that natural body hair were shaven.

Thank you, Kevin.  Click on photo to see more of this specimen's beauty.  If your equipment allows.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

And ODE to a natural TREASURE TRAIL

I need to sing the praises for faithful reader of this blog: "Tex".  I appreciate the continued patronage  of this blog site, by a supportive group of subscribers.

"Tex" made a perfect comment on a previous blog post, Tex November 23, 2019.  It was submitted to the post  Here 'tis.

"I don't care if a guy is hairy or smooth. I just hope that whatever body hair he does have he leaves alone.  I prefer natural."

I've never articulated that perspective so concisely.  I love men in their natural state of being.  This blog celebrates and admires the male form naturally.  As Tex said so eloquently.  "I prefer natural".  Hirsute or not.

Thank you, "Tex."   Click on the photo to appreciate this specimen.  If your equipment allows, you can click on this and see quite a lovely eyeful.

Thursday, November 21, 2019


This specimen takes my breath away. So lovely in every way.  I think he has made only one small act of manscaping.  He has shaved his scrotum.  What do you think of this beauty?  

Thank you, Kevin.


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

LOOKING UP an Exquisite Treasure Trail in BLACK & WHITE

Hello "Darlings,"  as my favorite Bravo character "Chef Ben Robinson" always says.  I am too over most this channel's programming.  Too tired.  And its impresario thinks he first discovered outrageous behavior and drag queens (neither are synonymous, I know.  Necessarily).  

But I love one show:  Below Deck.  And beautiful Chef Ben is adorable in every way.  He always calls everyone "darlings."  But he is British. And not gay.

So, Darlings.  Here's today's offering.  Thank you Kevin Conus.

What a tender and thoughtful study of male beauty, au natural.  The way I like them.  Behold this specimen.  This deserves to be ravished.  No?   The beauty makes me weep.

Friday, November 15, 2019

WORSHIPPING the Treasure Trail

IF your equipment is capable, please click on the photo to see the complete TT.

I hope you all visit the comments sections.  The last couple of posts received some interesting discussion about this sites subject:  Treasure Trails.

Most folks these days worship men who groom themselves to eliminate any body hair.  If we were to look at the majority of male appreciation blogs/websites you will find a dearth of hirsute men.  But their chosen fashion is contrived as many of them were born with some body hair.

It seems none of us can really agree on what "treasure trail" means.  Most of our readers come from such a variety of countries and cultures.  The TT is called so many other things around the world.  As many of you have commented over the 10 years of this silly blog.

I come from the dark ages before AIDS.  My frame of references and dialect is influenced by my antiquity.  I enjoyed the recent comments where readers share their unique perspectives, based on their life experience.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And so this blog site will continue to show men in all of their various hairiness.  You cannot exhibit TT's when they have been shaved and obliterated.  And for those of you born after the 70's you have a unique perspective that is different.  I do not think there is a medical term, for "Treasure Trail" regarding the male anatomy only.

We all share our preference of a natural hairy man.   Personally, I do not have any prejudice at all.  Except when I see beautiful me who have eliminated partially or fully, their natural body hair.

Thank you Kevin.  This is a photo which shows this blog site's perspective supremely about TT.

Thank you also to all of the comments recently where you the readers shared your personal opinions about Treasure Trails.  Dialogue is the best way I think.  Such a strange concept in our world today.

Behold!  The beauty of a man, the way he was borne.  He has exalted the best of his body.  And he hasn't assaulted his hairiness.  I celebrate this man.

Do any of realized that culture has taught men to wax and shave themselves as women have traditional done.  Which is an important commentary too.

Happy Trails to each of you.  If you love TT's please feel free to share your preferences.  You are sharing it with an audience who also appreciates men who have not unnaturally eliminated their body hair.


Sunday, November 10, 2019

A VERY WIDE TT From the Side

Here we have a beautiful photograph.   There are so many exquisite things about this man.

But we're here worship the male TT.   I love this manly man in all of his aspects.  But I will focus on the TREASURE TRAIL and let all other beautiful attributes speak for themselves.  I encourage each of you to comment on his exquisite qualities.

Thank you Kevin Conus for this photo.

Speaking about the TT, from this beautiful photo.  It has a lovely rug of short hair that runs from side to side.  And then it has the most enchanting sexy feather of fluffy vertical care that leads just above and just down from the navel.  I leads on the lower side to a very natural bush of pubic hair.  The upper half of his torso has the same luscious short carpet that tapers in to a thin line line of dark hair up to his beautiful hairy chest.

We all have our preferences and predilections.   I love this incredible specimen in all of his hirsute glory.  But for me he is NOT a BEAR.   I love bears.  They suit my TT fetish quite nicely.

I wish I could show a more diverse example of manhood here.  Because I find all natural men (hairy or naturally not, lithe and to burly, and every race and ethnicity.    Most men these days eliminate their body hair.  So it is most difficult to find a wide range of appropriate specimens to celebrate here.

Enjoy.  If you think this a bear website, I suggest you aren't on the correct website.   If you are seeking shaved, waxed men's body hair, this is MOST DEFINITELY not the site for you.  You will find 95% of all blog sites cater to you predilection.

Cheers to us all who appreciate the glory manhood, not contrived!

Saturday, November 2, 2019

A "Correct" THIN LINE Treasure Trail...I think?

Here's a real beauty A thin TT.  Relatively.  Here you are "Unknown" 10/30/19 blog comment.

"Finally ! A real treasure TRAIL. That's what a TT should be : a trail, that means a sexy line of hair from up to down instead of the ughly bushes you most of the times publish. Please come back to the origins of the term TT. All the rest has nothing to deal with that. Bears has to be find on other sites. I rest my case. Long live the happy lines ! I really love and adore them, so please give us more of that. No more gorilla's with an overdose of hair on their bodies."

I hope this comment will create a civil discussion.  Is that possible. I very much encourage comments that express your opinion about the subject. If people prefer non-hairy men, Cheers to you.  So do I.  If they are naturally so.  If you like non-hairy MEN, contrived, (not children) then you really should visit the abundant amount of the majority male appreciation web content sites on the internet.  They exalt in men and women who primp and preen to look pre-prubescent.  I'm all for everyone's predilections and fetishes.   But that is not mine.  And I have spent 10 years trying to preserve the beauty idyll that I was raised to believe. 

This blog site is meant to honor and exalt in the remarkable perfection of the male specimen in its natural form spectrum,.  Many men chose to ENHANCE their goddess-given beauty.  By showing their beauty at its best advantage and developing their beautiful but not eliminating one of their best features.   Their body hair. 

Please readers, speak up.  Not against "Unknown's" comment.  Do you have an interesting perspective that might enrich this blog site. 

Thank you Kevin.  I would ask readers to read the blog and leave a comment.  I could rhapsodize the beauty of this specimen which is self-evident.  And I think fits the guidelines of "Unknown's" preferences.  Please speak up.

Happy trails to you all!


Wednesday, October 30, 2019


This specimen takes my breath away.  The sexy vertical hair growth above his navel is poetic.  As is the continued whimsical swirl around and below the belly button.  Such beautiful natural hair growth.....but methinks the trail dude's been 'scapped above the tighty whitey Calvin briefs.  Yes?  No?   His Calvins do entice with the sexy hint of an impressive treasure.  The wonderful hair on his thighs.  I could go on.   He is delectable and a remarkable beauty in every way, no?

This is no "Boy."  Click on the photo to pay proper respect to this beautiful man.  It is quite worth worshipping, IMO.

Thank you Kevin.

Happy Trails, to you all!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Worshipping a SUBLIME WET Treasure Trail at Play

A beautiful specimen of manhood.  In all his developed and refined natural muscle-made, hirsute beauty.

A lovely TT enhanced by the wetness.  Imagine the tragedy if this dude shaved his body.

Thank you Kevin.  If your equipment will allow, click on the photo to got more of any eyeful.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

JUST the Treasure Trail in all its NATURAL form

I love this photo.  This fella has just a dusting of chest hair.  And the remarkable TT leads to a hairy bush.  This young man, hasn't eliminated his nature-given beauty.

A lovely specimen.  Imagine the pure delight that beckons below.

Thank you Kevin Conus.  Click on the photo to get a beautiful eyeful (if your equipment is up to it.  :))

I so appreciate the comments recently.  Something amazing happened on the 18th.  There were approx. 15,000 visits.  At our best this blog site averages anywhere from 3,000-5,000 daily visits.  If we had a mention on another blog site that would would explain such a spike (pardon the pun) in daily activity would someone please let me know.  I would like to give thanks for whatever shout generated such a one-day high visibility.

I thank all of our loyal and devoted followers.   And I welcome any new readers of this blog!  Please leave your comments and ratings.

Saturday, October 19, 2019


In all of nature's beauty.  I hear a symphony.Look at the full bush.  The hair on his inner thighs.........  The hairy legs.  His charming patch of chest hair.  I am in love.

This is also from my archives, circa 2012.

I wouldn't change a thing on this exquisite specimen.  Such music he makes, without touching that fine instrument.

When I took piano lessons as a kid, at recitals, they always talked about your finger length.  I was taught the longer the fingers the better the music music.   That was true with the piano.  I think males can also be evaluated accordingly, in other of their ways to bring ecstasy.   Et votre expérience?

Friday, October 18, 2019


I pulled this one out of my archives of TT.  Circa 2012.

Here is a lithe, fit lean dude displaying his amazing natural male beauty.    No waxing or shaving his body hair.  No artifice.   This illustrates the glory of a man's beauty.  Maybe he's trimmed the full bush, just a bit, but not too much.  And look at the impressive treasure unfurled and standing proud.

I love the hairy arms and upper legs.  The TT always points us in the best direction to see what beckons in either direction.

Imagine if this beauty had shaved all of his body hair.  It would be tragic.  If you've got, flaunt it.  Don't spoil it.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

TREASURE Trail Masterpiece: Exquisitely wet

This image may be the greatest paeon to the perfection of man's natural beauty.  Hirsute. Unsullied.

The contrast of the black and white image illustrates the exquisite remarkable detail of his male beauty.  Imagine if this beauty were eliminated in a tragic, silly crime of defacement.  

I just love the water and the dark manly hair. 

Thank you Kevin.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

JUST the Treasure Trail

What a beautiful specimen this is.  Such a curious vertical growth pattern.   And the small portion of legs shows a beautiful set of hairy gams.  Can you imagine how exquisite the treasure is in its neat little package.

Thank you.  Kevin.

Friday, October 11, 2019


I love this specimen.  His unique hair growth is bewitching.  And he proudly displays a full bush which shows his beautiful treasure to the very best effect.

What if he were waxed and groomed to eliminate all of his natural hirsute beauty?

Someday the silly grooming fashions of the day will be stale.  And then men will be taught that their beauty without all the sad mutilations we are told today are desirable.  

Thank you Kevin.  I love this beautiful photo.  It a beautiful photograph of a man's beauty.  I don't think this is a model.

How could anyone chose to shave the hair growth above the navel.  It iS remarkable.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

A sexy Natural TREASURE TRAIL in the wild

Oh my!    What a lovely bloke (mate? dude? stud?).  You name it.  I love this male beauty with a very nice figure who  presents in his natural beauty (okay, sans the tattoo).

The TREASURE TRAIL cascades down to a full, unsullied bush.  And I believe his beautiful jewel may unsullied, too? (Uncut).

Why does this blog site continue?  Despite the fact that it defies the majority of current male grooming habits.    The majority of the men in the world have been programmed to shave their body hair.  It was hot 25 years ago when I first dabbled in it.

But it quickly became a crime against nature.  And so not pleasant.

Imagine?   I would sob if this man had shaved his natural beautiful traits!  There isn't much that can be done at the moment.  But we all come together here to share in a brief exaltation in male beauty au natural.  This is the antithesis of current fashion.

And in this specimen, you CAN see the forest amongst the trees.

Thank you again, Kevin.

Monday, October 7, 2019


This is so amazing.  Imagine if he manscaped his natural hirsute beauty.  I would weep in sadness.

Instead, I weep for joy at this perfect male specimen.  I'm sorry it's in B&W.  Some of you don't like it.  But I think this image highlights exquisitely the beauty of a natural hairy man.

This image is why we are all here exalting.

Thank you Kevin.

Thursday, October 3, 2019


I appreciate all of your support.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are not alone in the universe.   We are not alone here when wee all briefly visit this blog and mutually admire men in the perfect state. Au natural.

I live in a very isolated world.  That is the worst part of growing old.  But we all will experience end of life, despite our variances.  There are times when I don't do it well.  And there are times when I really step up to the plate.

Your thoughtful comments make me feel less alone in the world. Again, thank you.  I hope that in some way I bring the same experience to you however briefly.  We all share a common experience here:  our devotion to the beauty of a natural man.  And in that we way we're not status quo in today's world.  I find much comfort in knowing that I am not the only soul who admires nature's beauty.

Thank you Kevin.

This specimen is remarkable.  The  photographer shares our admiration of the male form.  And he shows his appreciation to mother nature's perfection.

It is all about perspective.  Perspective is the key to seeing the amazing beauties in life.  I love that we look upside down on this awesome dude from with perspective of his hirsute torso, groin, and upper and Lowe legs.  Imagine it he would have shaved or waxed his hair away (okay, it looks like he 'scaped his chest...but not the armpits, thank heavens.)

Such perfect geometry here, no?

I fear this is a redux....if so it is worth our continued admiration.  IMO.

Thank you all who continue to support and share in my admiration.


Friday, September 27, 2019

ANOTHER Treasure Trail IN FULL

In full, glorious natural beauty.  He hasn't marred a singled manly aspect of his body.  An I wouldn't change a thing on this remarkable specimen.  He has a pyramid trail.  And that perfectly hairy chest.  And everything else is sublime.  Especially that enchanting smile.

Thank you, Kevin.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A SIMPLE Treasure Trail

I love this beautiful specimen.  It's naturally spare.  But still so abundantly manly.    The full bush.  The unshrouded treasure.  The lovely small vertical tuft of cleavage hair.

Enjoy.  Thank you Kevin.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

LOOKING DOWN one of the MOST Perfect Treasure Trails...

...of all times.  I weep to think many similar beautiful dudes shave or wax their body hair.  That would be like taking a knife to a masterpiece work of art.  This specimen truly illustrates the tragedy that men do by 'snapping their body hair.

I'm sorry I've not been posting infrequently.  Things are still rather intense in my life.  I hope to get back to more routine posting.

Our muse, Kevin Conus, still has such a portfolio to curate.

Why must men eliminate their body hair.  Why would anyone want to assault this man's truly remarkable, breathtaking natural beauty?

Thursday, September 19, 2019

A GLORIOUS and PERFECT Treasure Trail

I am pretty sure that this specimen has been worshipped here before.

This is such a magnificent and natural illustration of masculine beauty, in its natural glory.  (The dude may have enhanced his musculature.    All for the better.  And yet he didn't obliterate the other features that make him magnificent.

Enjoy. This man embodies all of the things that I am enthralled with by the male form.

Thank you, muse Kevin.

Click on photo to see the full glory of this man (should your equipment allow).

Friday, September 13, 2019

The TREASURE TRAIL in the light in BLACK & WHITE

What a stunning, flawless photographic study of male beauty its finest.  The contrasting light and shadows especially prove the sheer beauty of this specimen in all his glory.

I love the few small hairs that shimmer in the light on on his right upper hip/Orion's Belt (or whatever the fuck it's called).  He is au natural.  And that artery/vein running down his upper forearm.

Look at the swirling hair growth on his exquisite tits.

Thank you Kevin!  I would definitely suggest that you click on this photo, if your equipment allows, to relish this beautiful work of art and piece of manhood.

Monday, September 9, 2019


This is why this blog advocates for male natural beauty in all its variety.

This dude is magnificent in the perspective we are given.  Because he was given a an incredible body.  And he chose to enhance it.  

He could have shorn his hairiness.  And starved himself purposely,  There may be cases where that is necessary for mankind now and in the future.   But we are very fortunate to live in a a time and place where we can ENHANCE what we are given.  Not eliminate it.

Fashions come and go.  They are never new.  But we do live in a time that we can enhance, even eradicate the beauty we were given at birth.

Thank you Kevin.

Thursday, September 5, 2019


A new type?  Or is it a new type!  An inverted tornado.  I love the whirling dirvish at the bottom (or top?) leading up to his beautiful natural patch of chest hair).

Sorry I haven't posted much.  We avoided hospice and finally will receive palliative health care.  It is time consuming.

I love this chap.  All natural.  (Click to enlarge and see this specimen in full glory, if your junk can handle).  Enjoy, please.

Thank you, Kevin.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

A PROUD Treasure Trail

This is in my lexicon, a "man in Full".   He proudly displays his natural-given masculine beauty.  He has enhanced his musculature. And at the same time, he did not mar the his manly beauty, by shaving or waxing his body hair.

Thank you Kevin for this powerful photograph of a man truly in Full. This post has nothing to do with Tom Wolfe.

Monday, August 26, 2019

A PERFECT Treasure Trail IN THE LIGHT and Up Close

Heaven.....this is truly the best demonstration of male beauty in its natural state.  It would be a tragedy if the remarkable garden wasn't able to bask and thrive in the admiring sun. Thank you, Kevin.  (and get a load of those succulent nipples).

Sunday, August 25, 2019


This one's for you TT reader, "smartroad," who likes the full monte, so to speak.  What a remarkable gif this is in every single way.   I would love to be this specimen's fluffer!  I could use a good reaming :). Or "pipe cleaning" as my sister often says.

This man is breathtaking.  Especially the amazing the end.  Thank you Kevin.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

TWO masterful TREASURE TRAILS in Black & White

How lucky we are.   Two similar but perfect TT specimens.  In the same post.

Thank you Kevin.

Just to reinforce what this blog is for.  Eliminating natural male body hair doesn't enhance.  Both of these specimens have ENHANCED their goddess given musculature.  Enhancing doesn't equal waxing and shaving.  In my opinion.

Imagine how less beautiful these men would be shorn of their natural body hair. (I'd click on photo to enlarge image, assuming your hardware can perform that way :)).

Behold the proof.

Saturday, August 17, 2019


I love everything about this picture.  Look at the armpits with two glorious, full patches of manly hair.  I think there is a faint bit of chest hair in his cleavage.

The best part is the TT that descends to a vibrant natural bush and crotch which perfectly frames the very profound treasure. What we can see of it, is made even more sexy by the underwear which shrouds the tip.

Feast.  Enjoy.

Thank you, Kevin.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A LONG Treasure Trail that is perfect

This male is the total package.  Proportional, fit body.  Masculine with a very sexy hairy chest, beard, and hairy arms.  And a mesmerizing TT to boot.  There is just a hint that he has not obliterated his pubic hair?

This is testimony of the power and beauty of the male form when its natural is enhanced but not severely, tragically altered.  Click on photo.  If your hardware allows, click on the photo to appreciate this specimen all the more.

Thank you Kevin.

Sunday, August 11, 2019


My my, this specimen speaks for itself.  But why did he mar his manly beauty by closely cropping the bottom of the TT and pubic hair?  It is a fashion.  But it is his natural hairiness, and body, that make him so delectable.  Click to enlarge this beauty assuming your equipment allows.

Thank you Kevin.

We're still here!

Saturday, August 10, 2019

WORSHIPPING a Treasure Trail and it's male specimen

Okay, this only our second gif ever on the TT blog.

What a celebration of male beauty it is. The TT is amazing on this sublime male's perfect abs (and look at that succulent right armpit bush).  This trail leads to a very eager, impressive treasure at one end.  Imagine the beauty at the top that we can't see (makes me quiver).  I broke my rule and used this gif because it is an homage to everything this blog is about (be it static or animated).  There isn't anything more beautiful than the natural male form.  I refer to this blog's mission.

"Follow this blog daily...on our search for perfection in all of its forms. Who knows where it will lead? It doesn't matter that the top has a gorgeous set of bedroom eyes or if below the waist there is a big surprise. The trail is beautiful in and of itself.  Its beauty points either way to the possibility of something of equal beauty."

Someday this waxing, coiffing, shaving, trimming, 'scraping...whatever you call it will come to an end.  A man is most spectacular for many years of his life when he exhibits and praises his god-given unique beauty.  The world is a pendulum that swings dramatically at rather a "glacial pace." I think I might have been lucky enough to have lived through almost one complete cycle.  Hopefully no further.

Every man is uniquely beautiful to me.  I most admire men who remain true and proud of their naturally blessed beauty.  There is nothing wrong with enhancing and exalting the beauty one was born with, in all its forms.  This gif is an exaltation and testimony to this statement.

Thank you Kevin.

PS:  I have written this whilst listening to the abdication speech of King Edward VIII.   It reminds me of one of the few things I have learned to be absolutely true.  Everything is simply history repeating.  (Thank you Dame Shirley Bassey). All of you fresh young things should explore and investigate what became before.  It is a road map to your future.  It can point you to greater achievements in the future.

And for the vapid.  I suspect you'll discover your truth, however short or long it may be.

Harry and Meghan will relive this past history, of Edward and Wallis, and hopefully change it for the better.  What came before will repeat eternally.  But did you know.

Friday, August 9, 2019

A MAGNIFICENT Treasure Trail in Black & White

This photo is breathtaking.  And the specimen's TT is truly sublime (along with that thick dark coiffed bush and hairy thighs).

We took another big step toward the End of Life today.  I quote Dorothy Parker...we had quite a "fresh hell" day here.

Thank you Kevin.

I would so love to be experiencing the perspective of the dude looking up that fine work of art.  And with a masterpiece in my mouth to provide pleasure for/to.   Sometimes black & white says it best, no?  Click on photo to enjoy this in full glory...if your junk allows.

Thursday, August 8, 2019


Stupid me.  I thought every understood the term "end of life."   I will remain embarrassingly stupid as I was at birth.  And when I take my final my final gasp for nothing, the world can celebrated my lifetime stupidity, says they.

Sadly, I am still here.  There must be billions who still live, and trillions who have perished before us who experienced, "end of life" dimension.  I took a college course, "Death and Dying" and one of the "End of Life" ran throughout.  I think every nursing student was required to take the course. This was in the last 10 years.  No doubt they may have eliminated this study, as they have done with other things like English.  For those of you who have had to endure the death of a parent you understand the perplexing and magnificent experience.  Death is a subject that many live in fear of of.  But it comes to us all and therefore we will experience it.

I have already experienced one parent's who died in a plane crash, so "end of life" issues were quite different.  And that was decades ago.  And I have now in entered the natural end of life process of my other.

"End of Life."  Some infer this as a nebbish, vapid term.  I am still here.  And the future cadaver is still here.  So let's talk about the "color of the year" or the Duchess of Sussex's wardrobe.

In the midst of this remarkable and heartbreaking personal "end of life" experience I'll take a moment to bring myself some joy.  The beauty of man I'm the light.  Enjoy please. Forgive for being human and speaking of my pain.  But I will honor beauty as illustrated below.

Thank you, Kevin as ever.

Friday, August 2, 2019


Well, Kevin.  Your trip to the continent proved very inspiring.  And we are the lucky ones.  Thank you as always.

I love this specimen.  For every reason.  But for purposes of this blog's viewpoint, this beauty is so remarkable and unique.  If you start at the chest, the swirls and varying hair pattern is perfection.  And them the central vertical trail that runs down to the navel but is surrounded by a beautiful mat of disbursed hairiness on each side.  It continues and descends beautifully to a very natural and full bush and crotch.  This may be the most charismatic and unique and striking specimen of a TT I've yet seen.

Click on the photo.  And if your lucky your equipment will enlarge this photo so that you can truly celebrate its exceptionalism.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019


This is a remarkably gorgeous sample of natural male beauty.

The veins, the abs, the pecs, the natural chest hair and exquisite TT.

I have always found perfection quite appealing.  But sometimes beauty has a slight imperfection that elevates and transcends it to utter perfection.

That's my opinion.

Thank you to you all  who have responded with understanding about my current existence.

Thank you Kevin for this masterpiece.  Click on photo to see the full image in all of its perfection (depends on the equipment you're using).

I'd like to imagine that this fella is a firefighter.  His earnest, kind, countenance is worthy of such a noble profession.  Yes? No?

Sunday, July 28, 2019

UP CLOSE to a beautiful, albeit coiffed TREASURE TRAIL

What a beautiful image of manhood.  You can see that his body hair was trimmed and is just reached its recovery, beyond the status of stable.  Imagine two to three weeks from now the way this goddess-given beauty will blossom.  Thank you Kevin Conus.

Such a beautiful man.  Thank heavens he didn't massacre a beautiful bush which frames a remarkable, very respectful TT straining for even more of a full attention.  (Click on photo to see just how impressive this specimen is.  If your device will allow).

It was so long ago.  But I can remember when my erection felt that it couldn't stop engorging.  It was a profound experience.   I hope every one of you still have this blessing.  Relish and honor these experiences vociferously.  One day, you will miss this blissful natural state of being and experience. That is the way of life.  Why do we not communicate with each other and share our experience and knowledge?

Thank you for your responses.  I chose this one just for you TT reader you, sc57, who left a recent comment, that I am unable to copy:

I am always of appreciative reader involvement, even the most strident ones.  I may not agree.   But please speak up will you still can.  Someday in the near future you may not be able to enjoy beauty and share your experience, amongst one another.

Does anyone understand the reality of "end of life"?  It is quite different than living life to the fullest.  They are two dramatically different experiences.  Both deserve our profound respect.  I live in a reality of death and finality (not necessarily mine).  No one here will escape death.  And I wouldn't ever have presumed to disrespect that experience for those that are living it.

Will this person have this post removed?  This is the world you all live in.