Monday, August 7, 2017

A Curious, Charismatic TREASURE TRAIL Basking in the Sun

Wow!  This specimen is so interesting and enticing.  I love his natural (although I think tamed coiffed a bit) hairiness.  And he is outside soaking up the sun!  One of the best places to discover such a beauty.

Beautiful hairy chest.  His trail is most unique.  The top of it is short and leads to his belly button.  The bottom line of the trail leads from his belly button to his pubic hair and it is slightly off center from the top.  How sexy.

It looks like he's moderately trimmed his bush, but it is still glorious.  His uncut cock and balls prove that at the end of every trail there is a treasure that awaits.

This dude has one of my favorite body types--lithe and proportionate figure.  I love his hairy thighs.  And that handsome mug basking in the sun.  This piece of manhood deserves worshipping and devotion!

Thank you Kevin!


  1. That looks like a bit of a swimmer's body - my favorite type; trim and toned.

  2. He's cute for sure, would love to be strolling on this sea shore where he was lying and to have him hone into view would be a stroke of luck.....would wish to loiter close by to see him awaken and perhaps take a dip in the ocean....a curious trail and hairy chest pattern for sure,,,but what a combination and handsome to boot!