Friday, August 4, 2017

LOOKING UP a Sexy TREASURE Trail in Black & White

I would so like to be that man on his knees admiring and servicing that extraordinary view.   This treasure trail specimen is exquisite.  I the black & white photo shows this beauty to his best advantage.

What an amazing treasure.  He is moderately groomed.  Nice abs.  Looks like there's also a delectable hairy chest.  And he is so handsome especially expressing the bliss as a result of his "fluffer ".

Click on the image to extend and enjoy all of it!


  1. Wow-wee....what a delightful these monotone images....and what a desirable situation.would love to be the guy servicing his buddy...Robby x

    1. Robby, you are absolutely right. The black and white photos really do portray this specimen in a beautiful perspective.