Thursday, August 31, 2017

WET Treasure Trail

Sorry, but I'm going to keep this short because of this piece of s*** Apple laptop.  It is taking so long just to make this post.  Thank you, Kevin.  He sent another photo of a wet treasure which is astonishing and vibrant.  But it is black & white and the response to that media is usually tepid here.  I don't know why.  I can only take the small amount of information that I get to make an enticing website.  This is a beautiful man, no?

I read a newspaper article today that I felt passionate about.  An author died and requested in his will that all of his unfinished books on his computer drive should be destroyed.  They followed his wish and a steam roller (I can't remember the exact name, but what the "f***") crunched into bits and pieces.  

I would so like to do the same thing to this worthless Apple laptop and every other Apple product I bought.  You pay so much money for products that don't work.  They look great which is, I guess the reason they are purchased.

I had a couple comments (thank you) to my post.  In response, I've spent hours in earnest trying to get rid of this malware.  I moved to Apple products, because supposedly doesn't have this issue.  That is false

I'd like to move off the grid into a log cabin in the woods.  In my opinion, the world is utterly broken.  I find technology to one of the chief factors.  I would love eliminate all of these dysfunctional devices from my existence.  

Sorry.  I had to get that off my chest.  It has taken hours to get this posted.


  1. So, so very sorry about the problems. I've found the techs in the stores to be more kind and helpful than the ones on the phone.
    But, the real culprits in all the tech woes are people who get a kick out of causing others' misery. That's pretty much the root of the societal problems with the entire human race. More and more lack empathy. It's been traveling down this path since "Greed is good." became so many people's religion.
    Sending warm hugs!!!

    1. I so agree with you. Our society started going to hell in a hand basket, when Olive Stone made that culture-changing film, Wall Street, where Michael Douglas' repugnant character declared "Greed is Good." Who knew that it walls have such society altering impact.

  2. All the best my friend.....have a 'rant' as many times as you wish....we are all here for as support and 'just to be there'....thanks for posting under difficult circumstances....stick with it and the images (I do love black and white images, they are so powerful)...Regards as always....Group Hug required....

  3. Very beautiful man, indeed. Computers can be so frustrating.

  4. We have probably all been there (with the computer woes). I trust that you have the problem more or less solved now. After a couple of bad experiences, I have MalwareBytes do a scan on my computers every night.