Saturday, August 12, 2017

LOOKING DOWN a Beautiful Man's chest and torso

Those nipples are amazing, no?   I love this study in male beauty.  He has a perfect hairy chest, great pecs and those sexy nipples.  Oh my!

The treasure trail begins with a sort linear patch at his chest and then provides a rather straight line to his navel and then his pubic hair (I think it has been slightly groomed, but it is enticing nonetheless).

What a brilliant reward at the end of his trail .  I love the pinkness of his head.


  1. You know...there are times when an image catches me at a low ebb and this is one of them, making me realise just how inferior and deficient I am in terms of physique and hairiness...being totally bereft of any chest hair, pert nipples or really a discernible trail, just a square patch of thin hair above my lack luster 'treasure',,,but hey it's always good to admire and perhaps lust after better....
    Cheers guys....
    Robby x

    1. There are lots of people who do not view hairiness as attractive, so you shouldn't worry about that. Even though generally I appreciate a hairy chest as much as anyone, I knew someone in college who not only lacked any body hair at all, he did not even need to shave his face. It was as if puberty had skipped him altogether, except that his voice was in the right range (if not basso profundo) and he had some decent muscles. And that smooth face was a handsome one in my book. Truth be told, I had a huge crush on him. I was at his apartment once when he got out of the shower. I could barely control myself. (He wasn't gay and was unaware that I liked men in that way; if I had come onto him that would have been the end of the friendship.) So just enjoy what God gave you. After all the muscles are the main thing, and any of us can improve on those by working out.

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    3. Chris. What a great post. I have had sex with a couple of men who were naturally un-hairy and they were very sexy. I didn't develop chest hair until I was in my twenties.

      In today's world, though, you cannot tell whether someone was created without body hair. That's because our culture has tipped where most men shave/trim their body hair. It is fashionable to shave your body hair. I do not find stuble on the groin or other places, attractive. This blog portrays men who show off their natural, sometimes man-scapped, body hair. Ultimately The Treasure Trail supports all male beauty in all of its form. I just don't know how in our day and age you can detect a naturally non-hairy man when every one is shaving themselves bald.

      I do not like the fact that a majority of men shave themselves. That is not enticing. Thanks for the great discussion.

  2. don't sell yourself short, Robbie
    aussie anon

    1. You haven't seen me naked! But I understand your sentiment which is much appreciated, just wish nature had dealt me a slightly better deck of cards such as this guy! Bless you x

    2. Robbie....I have the felt the same thing during periods my life. If I could come back as a man again, I would definitely change some things.

      But I have found in my life, that so many people in the world have found people who are attracted to them. Attraction goes beyond the perfect male body. That can just as be offset as someone who is a bigot, ignorant and lack a sense of humor. Those are the most ugly traits for me.

      I realize that this site shows an idealized masculine form. But the only reason I pick the photos is that they illustrate male beauty in this time where the majority of men shave the bodies. I find this fashion, not attractive at all. I love men in all their forms as long as they are natural (naturally hirsute, quaffed, or hairless).

      As always I appreciate your participation here! Thank you.